TSM Episode 574: Anything Goes

Some say that the lyrics to 'Anything Goes' were the high point of that stellar production.
The lyrics to ‘Anything Goes’ featured prominently in the Radio Drama.

Download Link: Released 2020.02.24

Akademician and SiliconNooB inaugurate a new era for the Starlight Megaphone by bringing in a connexion to the multi-award-winning Final Fantasy VI Radio Drama, before announcing a potential autumn playthrough game, and an announcement of an announcement.


  1. Hmm I think I would keep my save file. I get a bit attached to my cleared files xD And .. this might be hard to believe of course, but I’m not actually doing it to punish myself xD I’m doing it because it gives me the suspense feeling I got in Romancing SaGa 2 which made it my second favorite game of all time. I spent 100 hours playing it, and because I had heard I could grind myself into a corner I was never quite sure if I would get to the end and just having to restart, victory being impossible. Somehow that feeling creates a complete addiction for me xD

    Up to chapter nine now and boy is this a good game! Not perfect, but it’s a bit like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for me. I can’t stop playing!

    I’m very for Xenoblade Chronicles playthrough!! Obviously getting it and playing it regardless and it’s my second favorite series after SaGa so yeah.. :D

    And I’m totally getting that Lite. I just had to take one look at it to know I was irreversibly heading towards a four (eh well five with my fiancés’) Switch household lol. It’s stunning! And luckily my Lites have been great so far! But I love my OG too.

  2. Haha yes I admit it lol. We don’t travel a lot so we spend more on hobby and less on that I think. But let’s get real I’m addicted to collecting handhelds, no point in hiding it lol. We will see how many I have at the end of the Switch lifecycle lol. I have never collected while the consoles are «active» so that’s a new experience lol. I will try to get used though. There seem to be quite a few here that got Lites as a gift and don’t want it and just sell barely used.

    I actually know someone on twitter who has about 30 Vitas!!!! That’s collecting for you lol.

  3. That was a lot of lols. Having constant access to emojis seem to have ruined my ability to write xD

  4. I’ll be working on the site redesign this summer, and it should support emoji!

  5. I can type emoji into the box, but they don’t show up in the comment itself. Weird!

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