TSM Episode 575: Animal XXXing

All of the drudgery of real chores with none of the real-world accomplishment!
Animal Crossing is Nintendo’s premiere chore simulator.

Download Link: Released 2020.03.02

Akademician and SiliconNooB argue about Final Fantasy X’s complete lack of any redeeming features, before coming to agreement about Dirge of Cerberus, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing chore simulator series, and the importance of superb Hungarian translations.


  1. What can I do for you? Ps5 compatible with previous generations? Great! I can try finishing the Summoner games.

  2. You can play the FF7 Remake on it. But there are faster ways to die in agony.

  3. I hear the Hungarian version of your show is called a Starlight megafonok podcastja hosted by some dweeb named Lusipurr and an Austrian co-host.

  4. I agree with SN FFX is alright. It has 2 bad spots on its record, the laugh scene and Tidus is a dream. I enjoy the soundtrack though, the battle theme esp. Story is pretty much middle of the road its not 8 or 15 bad. Tidus starts out annoying at the start then gets not as annoying mid game about when you get the airship. I’m not a fan of early game Yuna. I just did the Issaru fight took me three times, just like I did on the Vita. I don’t know how I did on the orginal release 18 years ago.

  5. I agree with Caspius that FFX is terrible. It was the first video game I ever sold and felt like the final nail in the coffin after VIII showed the series could actually go bad (though XII showed the ship could be righted too). It is an annoying game.

  6. When I played through the HD remake, my initial thought that the game would be better in the international version was shown to be an optimistic fantasy. If anything, the game was actually worse. And, that took some doing, let me tell you!

  7. Here’s another Stake in Caspius’s “heart”. Konami released Symphony of the Night to Smartphones.

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