TSM Episode 576: A Podcast of the Plague Year

The Death Knight Disease bug was considerably more virulent than Covid-19.
The Plague of Goldshire

Download Link: Released 2020.03.09

With SiliconNooB away at his brother Bruce’s wedding, Akademician and Imitanis survey a news week littered with cancellations and delays caused by the media’s pandemic fearmongering, but still find time to review the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo.


  1. I’m well, but absolutely not warm. We are wet and chilled xD

    So while most are playing the Demo I have been playing the original for Materia Lockdown! The strangest thing has happened. FFVII was never a favorite of mine. In fact quite the opposite. But the more times I play it the more I realise how good the game is and the music is outstanding. I’m really enjoying it. Particularly enjoying my rolls this year xD

    Cloud: Thief – Steal Materia Only
    Barret: Mog – HPMP Materia Only
    Tifa: Freelancer – None
    Aerith: Freelancer – None
    Redxiii: Thief – Steal Materia Only

    I’m in Shinra building and have saved myself into a not ideal situation. I have no potions, no tents. But the enemies drop phoenix downs so I’m grinding and getting PD to revive when they die xD

    Animal Crossing is almost out now and the excitement is real! Looking forward to relax with it.

    Otherwise it’s been mostly Idea Factory binge again here. That happens regularly!

  2. Final Fantasy VII is my favourite game for a reason. It is not a perfect game, but somehow it is more than the sum of its parts.

    I suspect that in a few weeks, we’re going to get a reminder of just how good it is when we compare it to the modern attempt to remake it with all the power that the latest technology can provide. The remake won’t be as good (indeed the demo isn’t even as good), and this will be a salutary lesson to those who foolishly think that modern games are better because of modern game design approaches and new technology.

  3. It will indeed! It will be pretty. But with lengthy dialogue bloated parts I suspect.

  4. One thing that can definitely be said in favour of smaller memory sizes was that it forced game developers to be economical, and the scripts were often very punchy and direct because there simply wasn’t room for excess verbiage.

    Nowadays, developers have effectively unlimited space, and this has encouraged the writers to indulge themselves. Pair this with the fact that the writers these days are not the sort of people who should be indulged, and the result is often pretty logorrhœic rather than lovely.

  5. “Logorrhœic” – now what’s why I read this site! It’s true too, too many words coming out of too many sentences and it loses the impact. I also wanted to say, the opening music of the podcast complements the exuberant irreverence of the contents.

  6. That’s a pretty great word! Logorrhoea like diarrhoea – for when shit pours from an outlet other than your backhole!

  7. What’s been happening in the world of cricket lately? It’s been a while since us listeners have had an update.

  8. @Tanzenmatt: Everything is CANCELLED because of the stupid pestilence! I’m SO ANGRY.

  9. I hope Caspius finishes the Advance Wars poem this week. This week sucks, and I need something get my spirits back up.

  10. Sorry, Tactics Jack. I was going to have the week off for Spring Break, but instead I’ve been scrambling to prepare for teaching the rest of the semester online, as my institution switches to distance-learning in response to the pestilence.

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