TSM Episode 577: Podcast in the Time of Coronoavirus

Will E3 rise from the ashes as a digital production?
E3 2020 is cancelled.

Download Link: Released 2020.03.16

SiliconNooB returns from a week-long matrimonial booze-up thoroughly disinfected with alcohol, but also losing his ability to function as a gamer, and increasingly inclined to use of ‘easy mode’ and ‘golden feathers’, much to the consternation of Caspius.


  1. It’s not an easy mode. It is a custom difficulty.

    I took enemy health down to 50% because Xenoblade 2 enemies are damage sponges, and to compensate I raised enemy attack damage by 25% which causes them to hit like a sonofabitch.

    If anything the game is harder this way. Trash mobs are easier, but bosses and larger enemies (which still have a lot of HP and defence to work with) can completely wreck you in very little time.

  2. I made the game more respectful of my time. The parts which are supposed to provide a challenge are even more difficult now than they were before.

  3. ‘More respectful of my time.’ LOL! You made the game easier!

  4. “Take my dragon?
    It’s fast!
    Pay 1000GP.”
    Now THAT’S dialogue.

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