TSM Episode 580: Crisis Gaming

In spite of all that we could say / In spite of pandemics, on an April day, / They released the remake anyway! / Alas, alas, alas!
Despite the crisis, Final Fantasy VII Remake is at hand!

Download Link: Released 2020.04.06

Akademician and SiliconNooB practise ‘social distancing’ with regard to the week’s avalanche of shovelware releases, and spend their time instead on a discussion of the original release of Final Fantasy VII, and what has been learned for playing the remake.


  1. @Ferchu: I know! All the days blend together! Is it a Wednesday? Or a Friday? Luckily, like a high-fibre diet, THE STARLIGHT MEGAPHONE will keep you regular!

  2. The boys in legal tell me that I have to say that “THE STARLIGHT MEGAPHONE is not a substitute for a high-fibre diet.”

  3. Weren’t you supposed to write a poem and review Blue Dragon Dark Shadow for the DS, Caspius?

  4. @PubPibs: We’ve repeatedly covered this on the podcast, to wit:

    1. The pandemic crisis has massively increased the amount of work I have to do. Online courses take a lot more prep time than offline ones even under the best conditions–in the middle of the semester, with no warning or experience teaching online courses, it takes even longer. As I have (repeatedly!) said, I will get both the poem and review sorted after the term ends on 1 May. Right now I am not even able to keep up with my *real job*, so it is going to be extremely difficult for me to even to play FF7R at all, let alone get that review done (also probably not until the term ends).

    2. Ethos will be providing the review of Pikmin Wii (SiliconNooB doesn’t have a Wii). That is coming later this summer when he has access to a Wii. That was Mel’s choice (it was his tournament entry, he gets to pick).

    We haven’t forgotten; and, if you listen to the podcast each week, you’ll hear that we continue to provide updates every few weeks at least. Since you’re reminding me of things, it may also help to remember that no one, myself included, is paid for their work here–all donations go to site operating expenses, game giveaways, &c. So, thank you for understanding as the staff members continue to prioritise *real life* especially during a stressful time. Cheers.

  5. I have no problem waiting Advance Wars days of ruin is really hard to write a poem about i mean its a tactics type game thats sorta a rts. I mean it has a story i kind just press the A button on my last play thru

  6. I downloaded the entire script, but it is LONG. I couldn’t believe it, really, because it’s an RTS game! There’s a lot of material and the plot is really complex, too, so I have a lot of work to do in order to try and capture the spirit of the game and not just my reaction to it.

  7. I really like those games, I think Dual Strike was the peak of the series. I remember playing it where ever I went in 2005.i fell in with the series love with Black hole rising . I really need to replay those. I enjoy rts/strategy the most out the gaming genres. So it’s perfect for me

  8. I’m listening to the Akademician Critical Readings podcast, and I wish that comments were available on that one. But I can understand why they aren’t.

  9. Comments should be open! However, I believe a WordPress account may be required. I will look into it, because that’s a problem if not.

  10. @Tanzenmatt: Just had a look! Like on this site, the posts close comments after a month, and comments are open with the same settings here; no WordPress account required, just name and e-mail (not displayed).

  11. Sorry to alert you then, I started a little while back on the Podcast with James Joyce’s A Prayer, so it must have been older. I’m enjoying it though!

  12. @TM: Oh gosh, that was a while back, yes? There’s great stuff coming up for you–the recent four episodes on Eliot are fantastic (in my opinion).

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