TSM Episode 581: The Final Fantasy VII Remake

Some would say we have come TOO far.
We have come far from the first tantalising images.

Download Link: Released 2020.04.13

Akademician, SiliconNooB, Mel, and Bup present a two-hour discussion of the long-awaited release of Final Fantasy VII Remake (Part 1), covering roughly the first third of the game, and discussing the game’s significant narrative depatures from the original.


  1. Well I am soon getting my Coral hopefully if I can get my hands on it when it comes to Europe <3 I’m saving the pink cover game Moero Chronicle Hyper to play on it like an absolute dork xD

    I did get to start FFVIIR, but I’m only an hour in. I’m sharing ps4 time with my fiancé and since I have lots of alone evenings this coming week I will play more then. Although it’s sharing spotlight with Dragon Star Varnir.
    Mostly my gaming has been Animal Crossing, FFVII Materia Lockdown and Grandia II. Definitely feeling the need to complete Grandia II soon. The animations are just so slow and they talk so much, I’m ready to have it done. About 60 % through so still a while.

  2. You say that about Grandia II, but have you tried playing Grandia 1 yet?

  3. Yes…….. When Grandia collection was released they both got bumped up the list on the podcast I play with. We finished Grandia and now Grandia II. I’m very Grandiad out for a very long while after this one I think.

  4. Watching Reetin play through Grandia II was like watching someone eat a bowl of gruel for fifty hours. Better you than me!

  5. Return of Mel too! Bup always knows the right question to ask regarding the quality of a game.

  6. Yes but really they are both slow. Grandia II is prettier though and I like it better. I’m just ready to be done with Grandia for a while. Next listgames to play are Sword of Vermillion and I’m eager to get to something not playstation era again xD

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