TSM Episode 582: AVALANCHE of Garbage

Future DLC promises AVALANCHE on skiis! AVALANCHE on mopeds! AVALANCHE on pogo sticks! AVALANCHE on Personal Inflatable Balloon Suits!
AVALANCHE on motorbikes!

Download Link: Released 2020.04.20

After an inexplicable technical mishap results in the podcast disappearing, Akademician, Imitanis, and Ethos record anew, presenting their thoughts on the surplus of supbar software available on Nintendo eShop, before delving into the Final Fantasy Remake.


  1. Still only an hour into FFVIIR ops. Been too bisy trying to finish Grandia II and it just seem to go on and on and on. It might also be that I have planted some thousand flowers. That is a possibility.

  2. After listening to the podcast it is clear that Caspius is having a lot of fun with FF7R and he just doesnt know hoe to process all the amount of fun the game can give. Sadly I will be getting the game soon and….. it will be my turn… to enjoy >_>

  3. I have to say that hearing ethos again was such a special treat, the one with the name of xenogear’s villains, the one that used to be part of the team known as the defenders of the tales games with oliver motok!

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