TSM Episode 583: Mr. Nomura’s Wild Ride

Don't worry: everyone is fine! Kitty saves the day!
The detatchment of the Sector 7 plate.

Download Link: Released 2020.04.27

When Nomura drops the equivalent of the island of Manhattan on the equivalent of the Delhi slums, Akademician and SiliconNooB are caught in the carnage of a thousand simultaneous mass terror attacks. But with the assistance of Cait Sith, they escape unharmed!


  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the game so much Caspius! After trudging through Grandia II for weeks and finally getting close to the end, it sounds delightful to dive back into Final Fantasy VIIR.

  2. I’m not sure how to push myself to pick it back up when I’m also in the middle of FFVII Materia Lockdown and having a blast this year too. It sounds like they have done exactly what was feared they would do and crammed in tons of insignificant filler :/

  3. I’m afraid so. It’s hard for me to keep going–I’d rather be playing the original.

    That said, I do enjoy seeing the updated graphics and hearing the new music, so it is a spectacle even if at the level of being a game it is very puffed-up and padded-out.

  4. The music were great from the hour I played and it was cool to see a new take on the graphics even though I’m more of a “just want the port” type of person rather than remakes usually. But now it’s fourth time through FFVII where one playthrough I quit before the last boss, and I have just really gotten an appreciation for it. It really didn’t need much. Rather than a remake I’d just really want a completely new game.

  5. S’NooB and I agree. We were talking after the podcast about how they could have simply made a sequel, or a video game version of Advent Children. It seems like that is what they wanted to do, based on the plot, so why did they do a remake instead?

    Probably a combination of fan demand and Nomura’s INSANE hubris at wanting to ‘surpass’ the original.

  6. The eShop Drop is the closest thing we have now to the weekly Steam Greenlight review.

    I got Trials of Mana, and I have to say I’m having a lot of fun with it! The visual style reminds me a lot of Dragon Quest XI, the recreated music is excellent, the battle system is a fun step-up, and it follows the same story beats as the original – just in an expanded 3D world. It’s still not a generationally great game, but a solid “B” to “B+”

  7. Caspius – out of curiosity where are you selling your games? Maybe if you can’t post links could I perhaps look at a link through discord ? I have a feeling you’ll regret selling the Fire Emblem games! I think you might prefer some of the older iterations to Three Houses

  8. I enjoyed Shadow Dragon, but not well enough to want to go back to it–and with Three Houses suggesting the future of the series is going to be more Personaesque, the whole enterprise feels more wearying than enjoyable, on balance.

    I will share links on Discord next month! My games are all complete/mint condition, however, so if you are looking for inexpensive copies there will be many better optionson ebay of the disc-only or ‘missing manual’ type listings.

  9. I can think of 1 series that went from Tactics game to another type of game and its Shining Force. I liked the old genesis games but when the PS2 dungeon crawler games came out I loved them to death. Some times you have het away from what you know. That’s true in real life and and in game devolopment

  10. @TacticsJack: Very much so. I won’t deny that there is something more than a little archaic about the old Fire Emblem games. Shadow Dragon, which I liked, feels dated compared to Final Fantasy Tactics, let alone more modern entries in the SRPG genre. Three Houses, on the other hand, adds divine pulses and so on to freshen up a combat system which still remains essentially basic and no-frills. But even that is not enough to keep the series fresh with modern audiences, hence the Persona-esque stuff which makes up the other half of the game.

    The problem for me is that the social stuff is a huge turn-off: I find it *extremely* tedious and uninteresting, and character ‘engagement’ delivered in that way feels entirely contrived and hollow. Even Edelgard, who I really like, isn’t enough to make me want to replay the title. But, I know that the social angle really pleases a lot of people (look at the success of the Persona series!), and so they are definitely going to be going in that more remunerative direction in future.

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