TSM Episode 584: ¡Ay Caramba!

...But what does the future hold?
Time to take stock…

Download Link: Released 2020.05.04

After Akademician reviews Final Fantasy VII Remake, Imitanis and SiliconNooB discuss the future of the series, including the likely outcome for both the battle system and overworld in Final Fantasy VII Remake-2 and Sephiroth Returns: Final Fantasy VII Remake.


  1. 50 years? Would that be feasible? :D No I really do like the three months and I’m so crazy excited for Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive you have no idea. But I just am not compelled to pick up the Remake. I suppose trying to finish Materia Lockdown while also planning to do remake was a bit overkill. I’m usually not one for remakes (exception Romancing SaGa). I haven’t even bought Trials of Mana because I why should I when the original is lovely? Oh well. We will see how it goes. Maybe if we get some rainy days I can manage some ps4 gaming too. But there is Dragon Star Varnir ready to pull me in xD

  2. @Winter: You should really finish it if you can–it is quite the spectacle!

  3. Ping and bestiality??? Lots of horrified laughs this week xD

    I will. It wasn’t the best timing for the poor game. Winter would have been best when there’s no garden to tend to and no cat that wants to hang outside for hours a day ^^ But maybe I can sneak some in hopefully.

  4. Pong? No! Ping!

    Agreed there–Switch has me so spoiled now that I don’t want to play games if they are stuck on the TV. So much easier to play a game that I can get up and take with me.

  5. That’s why I play handhelds. I have a vita, 2 3ds, couple of psps, and soon will have a switch. . I played most of the Advance Wars outside on the go, I did the same with Tactics Ogre. I would jump for joy if Nintendo put those games on the switch..

  6. Yes so much easier! If you see my twitter it seems like I’m playing games all day long. But what it really is is lots of two to ten minutes sessions spread out. It’s just a lot easier doing that with a handheld. You don’t turn on ps4 for five minutes xD

  7. I’m back to playing Legacy of the Wizard, one my bucket list games. I’m playing it like it was 1989 no walkthroughs, maps on 3ds. I get filled with happiness when I hear the soundtrack too. It brings me back to simpler times, but now I can carry it with me.

    Funny story is of the 3 games I rented alot from blockbuster back then was Legacy of the wizard, Deadly Towers, and Athena all impossibly hard games.

    I think Nintendo is missing the boat on the BC, they should be releasing a lot more games

  8. @TacticsJack: If you mean Nintendo Switch online, I think they are hampered more by third-party licensing than anything else. It was a little easier on VC where it was straight up sales (but even then, some companies soured on it by the time the Wii U rolled around: particularly Square).

    But Switch Online is subscription model, and a cheap subscription too. So one imagines that it works similarly to Netflix but at a fraction of the revenue: whenever a person plays a game, the developer receives a tiny sum of money: Nintendo keeps most of the subscription cost themselves, and a subscription is only $20/year anyway, so the amount a developer gets must be microscopic.

    Square and other companies would probably rather pass up the comparatively insignificant revenue they can get there just to keep the *option* of releasing their games themselves, even if they never actually do. Konami probably made many, many thousands of times more money selling their various Anniversary Collections (and on multiple platforms, no less!) than they would have ever seen if they had allowed those games to go on Switch Online instead. And, if they are on Switch Online, why buy the collection? So, they opt out, and who can blame them?

    I wish Nintendo had done a normal Virtual Console, because this subscription shit is never going to be well-supported by third parties, and that’s where a lot of the really good games are.

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