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Naughty Dog Takes Misery Porn to the Next Level

Dogs are Man’s best friend. In the current year that guilt by association seems to be enough to make them toxic and thus deserving of torture and death, and so to the haughty dogs at Naughty Dog they are now eligible for the same grizzly fate as straight White males like Joel. To Naughty Dog it is not enough that they straight up had the protagonist of The Last of Us overpowered and murdered by a tranny, they also have to turn The Last of Us 2 into a teenage lesbian dog killing simulator.

TLoU2 probably won’t bomb as badly as it should.
Neil Druckmann studied at the Frankfurt School of game design.

Now fair play to Naughty Dog, killing dogs in video games is nothing new. Wolfenstein 3D required the player to kill attack dogs in order to progress, and Command & Conquor practically required the same. Breath of Fire III requires the player to kill a guard dog in order to advance the story, which feels like a strangely morbid quirk to an otherwise colourful and humorous JRPG. All of this is fine though. Where The Last of Us 2 is set to differ is in the perverse way that Naughty Dog has chosen to wallow in the act of killing dogs. It is not enough for Naughty Dog to have the player kill dogs out of necessity, they instead gleefully revel in the act by having the dog’s straight white Christian owners shriek in grief and horror upon finding that their puppers have been slaughtered [because that is what they deserve, no?]. The following passage is being used in GameStop marketing for the game:

New features include:

-Dogs – One of the most noticeable new features of the game is the inclusion of dogs. These dogs are in the game to follow your scent and will attack you as soon as they have sniffed you out. The game doesn’t pull any punches or “stray” from the idea that while you’re playing as Ellie in a struggle to survive. You’ll also have to deal with the fact though that each dog has an owner, which will call out the dog’s name and cry in absolute horror when they discover their lifeless furry best friend. You’ve been warned.

Of course Naughty Dog could cite a commitment to realism for being responsible for this, but how realistic is it to have post-op trannies roving around the zombie-ridden post apocalypse? Where are they getting their hormones? Where are they finding their dialation stations? How is the sausage being made? How realistic is it that the chief concern among Christian survivors of the post apocalypse is for them to hunt down and kill teenage lesbians? They are willing to throw away any number of their own lives in order to accomplish this, so how realistic is this in a setting where most people are struggling to simply feed themselves?

Do not get this author wrong, such an autistic commitment to thot patrolling the post apocalypse is deeply humorous in concept, yet it is hardly indicative of a commitment to realism. This is an element of the game that had to be implemented. It is an idea that was nourished from conception to painstaking implementation, and because of the priority it was given, other ideas were undoubtedly relegated to the cutting room floor. One may be accused of providing an extremely uncharitable reading of the situation here, but it seems like the extravagant dog murder mechanics on offer with The Last of Us 2 are yet another deliberate assault on the player’s psyche by Naughty Dog – a company that is committed to harming the social and moral fabric of Western culture.

The ADL Attempts to Shakedown Valve

Valve must not own their Bellevue, Washington headquarters. This has been made evident by dint of the way that the ADL have come out in force this month in order to seek rent from them. The grift is real, fam. Corona-chan has led to an unprecedented amount of concurrent use on Steam, and the ADL see this and feel entitled to wet their beak. The oldest swindle in the book is to create a problem, and then offer the only solution to said problem – for a price. They probably feel that gentile gamers owe them a pound of flesh after Pewds rescinded his 50k donation to the ADL, and they are now coming to collect.

How can you cancel a God?
The ADL are attempting to cancel this man.

So this month the ADL has been very actively defaming Steam. They published an article besmirching Steam for supporting hate groups, before continuing the offensive in interviews and tweets. They also appear to be working behind the scenes at harming the relationship between Valve and game publishers. The ADL are looking to appoint themselves as arbiters over which portion of Steam customers get banned from owning PC games, and they want Steam to pay them a consultancy fee for this dubious privilege. They make this perfectly clear to Valve in their recommendations for Steam [which in truth are their list of demands for the cessation of slander]:

Engage with Civil Society

In establishing and updating their policies, Steam should consult regularly with civil society groups from a broad cross section of positions, including civil rights and civil liberties groups, and especially seek out and use their advice and expertise to shape platform policies that may impact the experience of vulnerable and marginalized groups

A civil society group determines that all of Steam’s problems will be solved by engaging civil society groups – what a coincidence! This is really something. The absolute hutzpah of these people! The basis for the ADL’s demands amount to a grand total of some Pepe avatars, some dank memes, and some guy who had his DM’s leaked where he expressed the wish that a top-down shooter would be modded to include Adolf Hitler as a playable character. Shocking! The ADL further kvetched that gamers were using gamer words during online play, which is a dishonest point of criticism given that it falls to the game’s developer to moderate the online behaviour of players.

If one really wishes to see evidence of the ADL’s ill intent here though, then they need only read the following passage taken from their initial article:

In late 2017 and early 2018, Vice, the Huffington Post and the Center for Investigative Reporting uncovered Steam users and groups glorifying Nazi imagery, and pushing racist, sexist, homophobic, antisemitic and otherwise hateful content. In June 2018, Valve announced a new content moderation policy for the Steam platform: it would “allow everything onto the Steam Store, except for things that we decide are illegal, or straight up trolling.”

The Steam announcement the ADL are referencing here was related specifically to what kinds of games Valve would be allowing on the store, but by pairing it with claims of user wrongthink and then presenting it stripped of its context, the ADL make it appear to uninformed readers as though Steam is explicitly permitting any user conduct that is not strictly illegal or trolling.

We can also rule out any possibility that this deceitful pilpul was the unintentional result of the author’s sloppy writing, because the ADL’s Daniel Kelley repeated it in a subsequent interview:

When I ask if any of those big companies have been negligent enough to deserve being singled out, Kelley doesn’t hesitate.

“I would say Valve, absolutely. Valve has been actively pushing against this kind of work. At the same time Discord and Twitch were expanding their policies around hate, harassment, and extremism, that was around the same time [Valve] was like, ‘We allow anything except for trolling and illegal content.”

The deceit here is real and intentional. This is no mere coincidence. The ADL are using these dishonest tricks as a cudgel in an attempt to batter Valve into submission so that they are able to dictate precisely how Valve conducts their business, while enriching themselves in the process. They are making no bones about their plans for Steam either. In the view of the ADL Steam in the current year has not excluded nearly enough people to be considered an inclusive platform:

“By the standards of 2020, their approach is super outdated and not in keeping with other companies in social media and games that are ramping up efforts to make their platforms respectful and inclusive spaces for all people.”

Each step down the slippery slope justifies the next step down the slippery slope, until anyone who declines from bodily throwing themselves into the crevasse at the bottom is accused of outdated thinking. The real saving grace here is that Valve is a privately owned company, and it is owned by Gaben, who has some pretty clear ideas of how he wants to run his company. If Valve was a publicly owned standard corporate affair then the ADL would have very little difficulty in achieving exactly what they are after – as has happened so many times already.

EA Hires Literal Stasi Agent to Police Wrongthink

EA as a company is about as far removed from Valve as it is possible to get, in governance and, because of that, so too in conduct. EA is the anti-Valve. The ADL must love them. This week it came to light that EA’s German division has partnered with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and their Keine Pixel fur Faschisten (No Pixels for Fascists) program. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation will be monitoring EA’s online games in Germany, and they will work with the company to curb wrongthink during online play. Player user names will probably be logged by the foundation so that users can be potentially identified, and fucked with offline. There is no indication yet whether the Foundation will have any influence outside of Germany, though it is intuitive to think that if EA considers this to be a success then they will be inclined to roll out these strategies on a worldwide basis.

 Players had best not speak ill of the stunning and brave cybernetic Woman of WWII!
EA saw Blizzard’s offsite thought policing and said ‘hold my beer’!

EA partnering with leftist groups in order to virtue signal is nothing new, but what makes this situation kind of hilarious is that both the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and the No Pixels for Fascists program are being led by chairwoman Anette Kahane, a literal Stasi agent who monitored her friends and acquaintances for anti-Communist thinking over a decade between the mid 70s and mid 80s:

The Foundation is headed by Anette Kahane, a former agent of the East German Ministry of Security, also known as the Stasi — the repressive secret police that monitored and brutally suppressed dissent in East Germany after the Second World War. At its height, the Stasi had over 102,000 officers and nearly a quarter of a million of its own citizens spying on family members, neighbours and colleagues for wrongthink.

In a German news profile from 2019, Kahane’s activity in the Stasi was revealed through leaked documents. She was considered an excellent asset, enthusiastic in the performance of her work, and submitted intimate information to the Government on the lives of her friends, family, journalists, and even Chilean immigrants fleeing the fascist Pinochet regime.

It is not like Kahane was a just product of her environment, who has left behind the horrifying excesses of the Stasi. In fact much of her post-reunification efforts appear to have been aimed at rehabilitating the good name of Soviet East Germany, in the hope that this panopticon society will one day rise again. ‘Reemerging Jewish Culture in Germany: Life and Literature Since 1989’ describes Kahane as such:

In between these extremes one finds East German Jews like Anette Kahane, Wolfgang Herzberg, Jalda Rebling, and Annette Leo… Their formulations of GDR Jewish culture undertake to exorcise the Stalinist evil and to locate and distill positive elements from the failed utopia, to conserve them for future generations, and to employ them as a standard for observing and judging the unified Germany.

Kahane thinks that the Soviet subjugation of East Germany was a golden age, and would love to see modern Germany return to that social and political order – and obviously the actions of her foundation are going to reflect this:

In 2018, there was public outcry when Kahane and her foundation published an information booklet for school teachers and early-age educators aimed at identifying “Nazi parents.” The booklet suggested blonde girls wearing braids and boys being athletic were signs that children should be monitored for potential removal from the home.

There is no separation between public and private spheres for these people, and now, thanks to EA, they will have direct access to German people in their homes, logging German names. EA will probably be responsible for German parents losing custody of their children to the State because they accidentally expressed a right-leaning sentiment while relaxing with a game of Battlefield after a day at the office. Either that, or their dox will be leaked to Antifa. The Soviet era has finally come back into vogue among the corporate elite, and now they are recruiting directly out of Stasi! How does one even come up with an adequate response to that? Fuck EA for putting their customers in harm’s way! McCarthy must be rolling in his grave.


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