News: An Apology to Sony

An Apology to Sony

Mea culpa! Of late Sony has been going crazy, copyright striking every The Last of Us 2 video they see. There has recently been a vortex of controversy swirling around The Last of Us 2 after story details leaked, revealing it to be degenerate and subversive. Because of that fact one put two and two together, and just assumed that Sony was striking videos in order to silence critics of their game. Nothing could have been further from the truth however, and Sony proved that this week by copyright striking their own The Last of Us 2 video! So one wishes to express how deeply sorry he is to Sony for misconstruing their motives behind striking The Last of Us content, as it is now evident that they find even their own use of this content to be inappropriate and unacceptable!

Meanwhile Sony is doing their best to ban the game from Youtube.
The Last of Us 2 has been banned in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Sony uploaded their video to Youtube, then sent out a tweet advertising the video they had put out, and then proceeded to copyright strike their own video before anyone could watch it! Apparently Sony is being fair right down the middle, and just striking every The Last of Us 2 video that comes across their desk without fear or favour. Apparently they feel that any trace of The Last of Us 2 that they manage to delete from existence makes the internet a better place, and one cannot argue with that. Hopefully they do the same to the game.

Some people are already deleting The Last of Us 2 from existence. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have banned the sale of The Last of Us 2 in order to protect their citizens from wasting their money on an unentertainment product designed to wound their psyche. If Sony would just cancel the launch of the game in other territories then no one need play it at all!

38 Confirmed PS5 Games

The big PS5 unveiling is just a few days away, set for June 4, but already The Playstation Official Magazine (UK) has been able to put together a list of 38 games that have been confirmed for PS5. On top of this Sony has a policy whereby every PS4 game released after July 13 has to be compatible with PS5, and so there will not be a shortage of new games to play on your PS5 – but what of the quality?

Why did the sequel have to happen now, of all possible timelines?
I could get excited for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, if it wasn’t for the likelihood that the game will be pozzed to hell.

The PS5 confirmed line-up consists of:

A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home (2021)
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (2020)
Battlefield 6 (2021)
Chorus (2021)
Cygni: All Guns Blazing (TBC)
Dauntless (TBC)
Dirt 5 (2020)
Dragon Age 4 (TBC)
Dying Light 2 (TBC)
Godfall (TBC)
Gods & Monsters (TBC)
Gothic Remake (TBC)
Madden 21 (2020)
MicroMan (TBC)
Moonray (Summer 2021
NHL 21 (2020)
Nth^0 Infinite Reborn (February 2021)
Observer: System Redux (2020)
Outriders (2020)
Path of Exile 2 (2020)
PsyHotel (TBC)
Quantum Error (2020)
Rainbow Six Quarantine (TBC)
Rainbow Six Siege (TBC)
Redo! Enhanced Edition (2020)
Scarlet Nexus (TBC)
Sniper Elite 5 (TBC)
Soulborn (Late 2021)
Starfield (TBC)
The Elder Scrolls 6 (TBC)
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (2021)
The Sims 5 (TBC)
Ultimate Fishing Simulator (2020)
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 (TBC)
Warframe (TBC)
Watch Dogs Legion (TBC)
WRC 9 (2020)

There are consoles with entire lifetime game libraries that are smaller than what has already been confirmed. That being said, there are not many games here that this author would buy even if he already owned a PS5, much less games that could actually sell the system. That said, there are likely a bunch of games that are still unannounced. Maybe on June 4 Sony will unveil some brand new first and second party games that make the notion of buying a PS5 more palatable. As it stands though, one really is not feeling the PS5’s starting line-up.

Titan Forge Games Cry Out in Pain as they Copy You

The blue-haired weirdos squatting on Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos really is the funniest thing. The MO of these Cultural Marxists is to infest and colonise every cultural icon of the West in order to subvert them, and as such they wish to co-opt the Cthulhu mythos. What makes this hilarious though is that they are cognitively torn between wanting to co-opt the Cthulhu mythos and wanting to cancel HP Lovecraft. This is not a simple case of separating the author from the art in order to enjoy his stories and settings – because the reason that they want to cancel Lovecraft is because of his stories and settings. A recurring theme within Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos is that communities that tolerate and / or promote degeneracy, miscegenation, and cultural cross-pollination will give birth to individuals with a confused cultural identity, which in turn causes them to have a shaky grip on reality – this sordid environment provides a foothold for cosmic horrors and eldritch abominations to enter our world. Given the state of the world, this concern seems more poignant than ever. The Cthulhu mythos setting is the reason why these people wish to cancel Lovecraft, yet this setting is also something they wish to plant their flag on because the Cthulhu mythos is a popular geek fandom touchstone with a high level of cultural capital.

Titan Forge Games are ridiculous hypocrites.
If you think Lovecraft should be cancelled for racism, then including his characters in your game promotes racism.

This week Titan Forge Games is very excited to welcome Cthulhu to their Smite pantheon. Smite is a MOBA which sees players controlling God characters derived from the pagan pantheons, along with Hinduism and Chinese mythology. For some reason Titan Forge Games thinks that Cthulhu, a 20th century literary pseudo god, makes for an appropriate addition to their existing roster of real world gods. It is amazing the things that can be justified in the name of popularity and cultural relevance:

We understand the community is mixed about the potential inclusion of Cthulhu in SMITE. Some of you have been very vocal in favor of the eldritch gods. Others have voiced concerns that Cthulhu represents a step too far, opening a door to some other fantastical, non-God characters.

We think Cthulhu fits SMITE in ways these other potential “Gods” do not. Cthulhu is, in his lore, a supernatural being of immense power. He is the high priest of a pantheon of cosmic deities whose presence alone is enough to render a human completely insane — the sort of character at home on the Battleground of the Gods, and arguably the best-known godly figure who is not currently in SMITE.

Yes, Cthulhu  originates from a piece of popular fiction, but from one nearly 100 years old. Baba Yaga is about 250 years old, by comparison. And the Arthurian legends as we know them today were, truly, the product of 12th century popular fiction.

Titan Forge Games lacks the discipline to stick to their own premise. They come up with the premise of populating their game with ancient gods, yet they will throw that to the wayside whenever they come across a suitably popular literary character who’s copyright has lapsed!

Titan Forge Games may be excited to launch the Cthulhu literary character into their divine setting, but they are not excited about owning any association with HP Lovecraft:

we reject the racist and homophobic ideas espoused by H.P. Lovecraft. We believe that Cthulhu has grown beyond its creator over the past 100 years. We welcome Cthulhu to SMITE, not Lovecraft; racism and homophobia have no place in SMITE, period.

If Titan Forge Games actually had the courage to stand by their convictions then they would just delete the character instead of making money off of his inclusion. By including Cthulhu in Smite Titan Forge Games are introducing the Lovecraft to a whole new generation of people, some of whom will inevitably seek out the source material for context. The reason that Lovecraft is being cancelled is specifically because of the ideas that he explores in his mythos, and so Titan Forge Games are indirectly responsible for exposing their players to the bad racisms by promoting the Cthulhu mythos through his inclusion in the game. Anyone who wants to cancel Lovecraft for wrongthink has no business including his mythos in their games. If Lovecraft is a racist then Titan Forge Games are promoting racism.

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  1. I’ve had problem with authors before, Lovecraft and Orson Scott Card. I think Lovecrafts racism came out in his writing, but I find i enjoy his stories. That doesn’t mean he should be cancelled. He inspired other authors to write in his type of horror fiction. That he should be celebrated for not for his racism

    I loved the Ender books when I read them 20 years ago. I’m not going to discuss his political leanings here, but I disagree with him. I can still seperate the man political leanings from the story he gave to Sci-fi

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