TSM Episode 588: Fanservice Fantasy XVI

Will XVI be mere fanservice, or a proper Final Fantasy?
Yoshi P. of FFXIV is rumoured to be in charge of XVI.

Download Link: Released 2020.06.01

Akademician and SiliconNooB announce the rumour of an announcement of an announcement when rumour of Final Fantasy XVI makes the rounds, and the site begins its collective playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles, following the release of the Definitive Edition.

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  1. I’m definitely in SiliconNoob’s camp on the issue of finishing FF7R. I’m in the same boat, having played up until chapter 16 in a relatively timely manner, then losing interest almost completely. If I were to go back out of obligation to my wallet, I’d feel like I’m essentially paying for boredom.

    Relatedly, I’ve been spoiled of the new ending shenanigans already, and while I haven’t completely lost hope for part 2 of the game, the Kingdom Heart vibes are not a good sign.

    Regarding FFXIV, I will echo the sentiment that the majority of all narrative content issued from Heavensward and onward feel incredibly pandering and like fan service.
    I recently came back to the game during a free login campaign, and decided to look up the alliance raids of the Stormblood expansion. The way they integrate elements of Final Fantasy Tactics and XII into the game’s existing world is confusing at best, and (more often) horrendous fan fiction at worst.
    The only way this type of crossover content works, for me at least, is visually. I won’t deny that I enjoy seeing armor inspired by Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy XII.

    Getting into the most recent expansion a bit as well, the main narrative content people are lauding as “the best story content in FFXIV” is as it says on the tin: observations made with mainly the past content of the game as contrast.
    It is cliché and full of moments of obvious emotional pandering which (I should hope) only evokes the desired reaction in players who solely consume japanese popular culture.

    All that said of the game, I do appreciate them being one of the few MMOs making an effort to present the player with this sort of story content. I guess.

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