TSM Episode 589: XenoSuccess

Xenoblade is a hit (again)!
Shulk and Fiora have a lot to smile about.

Download Link: Released 2020.06.08

Akademician, Durga, and SiliconNooB recap the first week of the site-wide Xenoblade Chronicles playthrough, before comparing the success of the recent Definitive Edition with other titles in the news this week, including Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.


  1. From the discussion on movement granularity in metroidvania games, I love the Shantae series – they’re not perfect games, but I feel they’re precise enough and feel great to play. I wish I could see what you mean. Maybe I’ll have to look at Rogue Legacy for another example.

  2. They feel slippery and inexact to me: there’s the sense of flash games from the Web, where movement of a character is just a 2D image sliding across a 2D background. It has to do primarily with the animation, but also with the engine and gameplay design, yielding a sense of looseness rather than tightness to the controls.

    Rogue Legacy leaps to mind as an example because it is both (a) pretty successful as far as such games go, and also (b) a particularly egregious example, technically.

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