TSM Episode 594: Getting Physical

Many of the best digital-only games of the past year have been snagged for physical release by Limited Run.
The Castlevania Anniversary Collection will be receiving a physical release.

Download Link: Released 2020.07.13

With things heating up for the summer (or cooling down for the Australian winter), the Cricket returns alongside a gigantic upcoming game announcement from Limited Run, leaving Akademician and SiliconNooB to empty their pockets in pursuit of pre-order funds.


  1. I’ve picked up Dragon Quest XI again recently – I stopped last year at the end of Act 2, and I’m very near the end now. It’s especially enjoyable to play it while listening to TSM. So when you mentioned taking requests for music reviews, my first thought was for a Dragon Quest song. Since that’s exactly what you played the very next moment, I think that’s synchronicity enough to suggest it.

  2. There were some beautifully preposterous Plops this week…
    “But what could they want with you, a simple museum curator?”
    “Robozarro is a physics-based 2D action game where robots B0-3 and 0-Ramatron embark on an epic quest through the outskirts, underbelly and rooftops of Mech Angeles to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Dr. Zarro.” [This whole sentence had me laughing heartily.]
    “The awkwardly funny and slightly naughty new life of one naive succubus begins!”

  3. Dragon quest 11 was one of the few games I wished came to X1. The Star Ocean 3 remaster was the other one. I played the Ps2 version for so long and too much it broke my ps2 and i had to go buy another one

  4. We need to start a “Help Tactics Jack find a Switch” campaign. He has the money, there just aren’t any in the area. If you see a Switch in the wild, notify him immediately!

    @TanzenMatt: I think they know we are listening and therefore try to outdo the previous week with each successive release. NISA’s entry this week with its slashes and brackets and randomly capitalised letters is a direct challenge to Square Enix’s primacy in the nonsensical titles department. I’m looking forward to the upcoming publication of something that has a title written in a combination of Wingdings and Emoji.

    “The Strange Disappearance of Doctor Zarro” sounds like a 1950s murder mystery.

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