TSM Episode 597: Project Blathia

Enjoy... scenery!(?)
Experience… something!

Download Link: Released 2020.08.03

Akademician and SiliconNooB ponder the latest news about Project Athia, the Square Enix/Luminous Productions showcase for the latest and greatest technological fripperies (and most underwhelming design) before turning their attention to Final Fantasy XI.


  1. So glad you’re not planning Crystal Chronicles for playthrough!

    Earthbound sounds good to me!

  2. I said in a earlier comment, that Earthbound just doesn’t float my boat. I’ll sit this one out this time I think. I’m thinking of three other games in that era that I would rather play, FF6, CT and Illusion of Gaia. There’s something about Earthbound that doesn’t appeal to me. I pretty much enjoy all Rpgs

  3. I should be done this weekend. I took a break to play ED and FF9. I played 6 chapters in 4 days.

  4. When is the Earthbound playthrough again? I left the WiiU version off at Threed, so I may pick it up from there.

    Like Tactics Jack, I would enjoy an Illusion Of Gaia playthrough anytime. I love that game, but it’s not lengthy. Maybe do Soul Blazer one week, Illusion Of Gaia the next, and end with Terranigma? It’s not very likely though, as none of them have ever been re-released.

  5. @Tazenmatt i looked through the TDT infomation database and its looks like SE holds the rights to the Quintet games. I mean look at this list Actraizer, Soul Blazer, Terranigma, Illusion of Gaia. There’s not a single bad game they made imo. I would petition SE to rerelease them as a collection for 30 bucks. I would buy it. I played Soul Blazer recently and its as fun as I remembered.

  6. Have you ended the Xenoblade playthrough or is the site messing with me? Can’t find the post.

  7. @Winter: Because my BD:AS review is live, the XBC playthrough is now the second thing in the slider (press the -> arrow if you are impatient).

  8. Surprise!
    One of the new site thingies is that we can keep features in the slider without pinning them to the index (but if that is confusing we can pin them to the index, too).

  9. Something I forgot to mention about the Definitive ed. of Dragon Quest XI is that, not only does it have a symphonic soundtrack, but also: after you use the menu option to claim special rewards, claiming the Trodain Set also activates the Dragon Quest VIII overworld music selection in sound options, allowing you to switch to DQVIII music in your game if you want an alternative to the DQXI soundtrack.

  10. Does that set unlock just the overworked themes or the soundtracks for both?

  11. It says ‘non-battle’ and it definitely changes the music you hear ‘outside ‘,but I haven’t used it enough to see what else changes, because I like the DQXI soundtrack so much.

  12. @Caspius – This is news to me (re: option for the far superior VIII overworld music)! The Definitive ed. is running far more checks against my wallet than ever before.

  13. I really need to play DQ8 again. I sold my copy years ago when it was worth something. I was going to buy DQ7 and 8 on 3ds when they came out. Alas, I had too much going on and forgot about them

  14. The 3DS improvements over the originals are as significant as the DE of XBC if not more so. You should pick them up used if you can.

  15. Ill put those on my list then. I put both my 3ds away months ago, when my schedule changed. I don’t play portable much anymore

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