News: Press ‘S’ to Spit!

Series X and Series S Release on November 5 or 6

A brand new controller for Microsoft’s next generation of gaming hardware has been obtained early, and its packaging and documentation has divulged a few pieces of key unknown information. The warranty for the controller expires on November 5 2021, and these warranties tend to have a duration of a year. Further, the controller came in packaging instructing the seller that it was not to be put on sale until November 6. Both of these pieces of information combined gives us the strong indication that the system will go on sale on either the 5th or the 6th of November. This also gives us a strong indication that the PS5 will probably go on sale about two weeks to either side of this release date – so maybe late October, but probably mid November.

Press 'S' to spit!
Series X is about to be joined by Series S.

The other very interesting piece of information revealed by the controller packaging is that the controller is compatible with the Xbox Series S. We have known about the development of a second budget priced Xbox console (codenamed Lockheart) for a long time now, but since it has not yet been announced a mere two and a half months before the release of the Series X, many people had wondered whether it had been quietly cancelled. It has not been cancelled. The Series S is a 4 teraflop console (to the Series X’s 12 teraflops), and is geared toward running the same catalogue as the Series X at 1080p instead of 4k, and possibly without full implementation of ray tracing. It remains a mystery whether the Series S will be announced in time to go on sale alongside the Series X, or whether it will be released some time after. Whatever the case, the Series S is definitely a thing now.

505 Games and Remedy Shaft Owners of Control

Why would one buy a new game on launch day? Seriously, why? Why support a game from day one? In just a very short period of time consumers will be able to pick the game up for what amounts to a vastly superior value proposition. Moreover, by acquiring the game at a later date, players get the full benefit of all ensuing patches – and in the case of Control there were a lot of patches, because there were a lot of performance problems. So really, why would any customer back any new game at launch, and more specifically, why would they back any Remedy game at launch ever again?

505 Games and Remedy are going to be releasing an Ultimate Edition for Control. The only difference between the base version of Control and the Ultimate Edition is that it includes all the DLC expansions – which is to say that anyone who owns the base game along with all of the DLC already owns the Ultimate Edition, at least insofar as playing the game on a PS4 is concerned.

... But early adopters of the game are being left out in the cold.
Control is going to get a PS5 upgrade…

Playing both versions on PS5 will be markedly different owning to stupid artificial reasons which display a certain contempt for Remedy’s audience. Remedy are developing a PS5 version of Control, which is a fairly undemanding endeavour given that the PC version of the game already features a next generational graphical feature set, so they just need to adjust this feature set to function smoothly on Sony’s new console. Remedy have stated that owners of the Ultimate Edition of Control will get their game upgraded to the PS5 version for free, yet owners of the base game will not, even if they have purchased all of the game’s DLC to make it identical in content to the Ultimate Edition! Heading into the next generation many developers have announced that they will be upgrading their games for free on the PS5, so it it very disappointing to see Remedy and 505 Games acting so meanly towards their customers, whom they appear to regard as sentient wallets.

Shareholders Rebuke Executives Over Pay

It is a very rare happening indeed that shareholders vote down executive remunerations. In fact this has occurred in just 2.2% of companies over the last calendar year. But that is precisely what has happened to EA’s management this month, after a disgusting attempt at a cash grab on their part!

Go ask Soros for a raise, spherecuck!
The EA leadership is as brazen as they come!

The current Chinese flu lockdowns have seen the profitability of most gaming businesses go through the roof. Because of this the EA management obviously thought this was an opportune moment to get their snouts in the trough and gorge themselves on grotesque riches, even in spite of several of them having missed key performance indicators over the previous year. Their proposed payment plan would have seen CEO Andrew Wilson’s pay rise from $18.3 million to $21.37 million, CFO Blake Jorgensen’s pay rise from 9.41 million to $19.5 million, Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele’s pay rise from $6.95 million to $16.1 million, and CTO Kenneth Moss’ pay rise from $6.95 million to $14.2 million. It is not difficult to see why this drew the ire of investors.

When put to a vote, 60 million of EA’s voting shares voted in favour of this proposal, while 171 million voting shares voted against it, which is a decisive rebuke. Apparently this vote was non binding, but going against it would mean disregarding the wishes of roughly three quarters of EA voting shares. Goodness knows whether EA will be brazen enough to move ahead with this plan. Probably not. EA does at least respect money, if nothing else.