TSM Episode 599: Selling the Switch

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Download Link: Released 2020.08.17

As the site bids farewell to the Xenoblade Chronicles playthrough, Earthbound is on the horizon: Akademician and SiliconNooB discuss the latest XBox series X leaks, including a release date, before delving into the latest Switch-boosted sales figures.


  1. That’s funny – my house had a bee infestation in the walls too. So far it seems that the Bee Man was able to get them out successfully this weekend. But, one of my dogs came back from the yard one evening and she had almost twenty dead bees stuck in her fur.

  2. I know this has nothing to do with the podcast or gaming. Tazenmatt, do you know what kind of bees? Domestic, Wild, or Black. I’m a beekeeper and you can tell what you have to do by what type. Dom don’t usually swarm unless you move the queen. So it might be Wild or Black. Wild bees like tree trunks. Black bees like the ground. You will find the Black ones to be real aggressive. I hit a hole with a lawn mower years ago and I ran for my life. I think you might have Wild since they entered the house. So look in trees trunks or branches. You can call a exterminator or a apariy

  3. Thank you Tactics Jack! I am no bee expert, but I did have a bee extermination specialist come and remove the nest from the walls. A few have lingered around a nearby tree, but they’re not threatening at all, so I suppose as well that they’re Wild bees? I love having some around the yard, but can’t have them ruining the walls and coming inside the house!

    This is actually the second time it happened. Maybe 12 years ago they built a hive about 6×4′ in another part of the house, and there were dozens that got inside before getting it removed. One even fell into a fishtank and my goldfish must have swam up to taste it and got stung, and died. He may have been the first fish to die of a bee sting.

  4. The Battle of the Bees continues! The exterminators were out and determined that the bees are in the attic, but they are in an unreachable corner, so the war continues with new and deadlier poisons. What a year 2020 is proving to bee.

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