Top of the Plops: September 2020

The first of many uses of this graphic.
It’s number two, it’s Top of the Plops!

Welcome to Top of the Plops, the monthly roundup of The Day Tonight in which staff pick the games they plan on buying in the upcoming month. September offers few ‘big’ releases, which means all the staff have their own picks again!

Or don't join us. Fine. Be that way.
Join us for the upcoming playthrough of Earthbound!

Caspius: Obviously in September I will be playing a lot of Earthbound for the site-wide playthrough, and I will be using the 3DS Virtual Console version for that. Beyond the playthrough, my plans for September will depend on whether or not Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles supports cross-region multiplayer with friends. We already know that it will definitely not support cross-region matchmaking for multiplayer, but thanks to Square Enix’s typically opaque way of describing game features, it is not clear whether the restrictions are limited to matchmaking or not. If there ends up being no way for me to play FFCC HD with Imitanis (short of creating a new regional account), then I will probably be filling in the gaps with Dragon Quest II and III, rather than picking up any new titles this month (bar a surprise release of Bravely Default or some solid Nintendo titles).

SNooB needs to get his quote in on time.
SNooB loves himself a bit of pink!

SiliconNooB: This month I am looking forward to exploring my feminine side with my favourite character. Hello Kitty Kruisers is everything I could want from a racing game, and all in a delightful shade of pink! I have secretly wanted to buy this game since it was released on the Wii U, but since selling that console I have been eying up the eShop waiting for this game to go on discount. Unable to contain myself any further, I have bought a physical edition so that I can lend this game out to all my friends. When it arrives I’ll be settling down to play this with a frosty glass of pink Fosters!

This may be an Imitanis game too, it is coming to Switch.
Survival shipbuilding at its finest!

Ethos: As mentioned last time, I have an eye on Re-Reckoning. But after buying Spiritfarer – luckily with no regrets – my budget might put a pin in Amalur because I have a feeling that I am going to place a similar bet on Windbound with similar unknown odds. Wish me luck.

Tony Hawks? Like the Skater?
Tony Hawks is still doing his thing twenty years later….

Durga: I think the Tony Hawk remaster is the only thing on my list for September. It’s been twenty years since the original games came out and the number of hours wasted trying to collect the letters S-K-A-T-E in every stage still brings back good and bad memories. This new remaster looks to be steps above the last attempt from a third party company so I have hope that it’ll be fun to play.

Beautiful Vanillaware art!

Imitanis: I was fairly disappointed with the August releases. Neither Fairy Tail nor DanMachi were as good as I hoped they would be. I’m gambling on 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim setting that right this month. This is the next game by Vanillaware who have previously developed Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown. Their amazing art style is on full display here, but little is still known about the gameplay which will ultimately make or break the game. I’m hoping for the former.

Readers, will you be picking up any of these games? What are your picks for September? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I have had some pickups recently. Or rather arrivals. The Brigandine for Switch arrived last week together with another Idea Factory game; always welcome.

    Now picking up games doesn’t necessarily mean playing them right away for me.

    I will also be joining in Earthbound of course. I own so many version of it, but I will likely be playing it on a pretty metal Sweden box because.. well because it’s pretty lol.

    Other than that I’m playing many things among them Brave Story for PSP, Super Robot Taisen for game boy, Splatterhouse 2, Xenogears and Antiquia Lost (kemco).

  2. I’ll be joining the Earthbound playthrough in addition to other games I’m picking up. Last time I played it on a Swedish PSP when my son was born… 14 years ago.

  3. I was given an SNES Classic when it came out, so I already luckily already have it! That being said, playing it on the 3DS is very tempting.

  4. @Winter I hope we’ll see some snapshots of you playing Earthbound on Twitter! Still waiting for confirmation about FFCC.

    @Ethos: Doesn’t that have a really short cord for the controller? I seem to recall reading that it was only about a metre long!

  5. @Winter – I remember Brave Story being way more fun than it had any right to be. It’s been years though, how do you feel about it?

    @Caspius – I haven’t played it in about a year and I didn’t do so often, but I don’t remember that being a problem for me. I may have mitigated it by using a long HDMI cable and placing the little guy closer to me while I played.

  6. @Caspius – Of course you will!! I can’t wait to start it up really!

    @Ethos – I’m loving it! It’s a special game to me. It was released in US only, not Europe. This was a time before I knew how to use ebay and I looked for it and never found it. Been wanting it ever since and finally found a complete one, new actually, for a good price. It’s traditional turnbased and nothing amazing probably seem objectively but it was exactly what I was hoping it would be!

  7. FFCC is a rolling disaster. The game’s multiplayer region is baked into the software and it is not possible to play with people in other regions at all. So if I buy a US edition and Imitanis buys a UK edition, we can never play together, even if we change our account region-settings. The Japanese physical version is Japanese only, not that it matters–if I imported it, I’d only be able to play with other people using the Japanese release.

    All of this is extremely disappointing and means that it is basically a game that I will only ever play with my wife. So I’ll pick it up when it is on sale or discount. Earthbound in September!

  8. The SNES Mini controller is significantly longer than the NES Mini, which I believe is a meter long. The good news is that either can be plugged into a Wiimote for use with Wii, Wii U, and SvenskaWïï (aka Wii Ø). I’ll be playing Earthbound on Wii U primarily with the handheld screen-controller module… whatever that thing is called.

    I’ve been playing through Persona 5 this month, up to 100 hours in now. I can’t see anything new on the horizon that I want, but still only part way through FFVII Remake and Trials Of Mana so I’ll switch to one of those next.

  9. Urk that’s bad Caspius :(

    Today!!!! Or at least I think you said today? I don’t think I can wait any longer, I’m too excited to play Earthbound again.

  10. In the wake of today’s Super Mario direct, can I change my pick? 🤣

  11. @Caspius – Same. Also, in light of having bought Windbound and realizing that it was more expensive and much much worse than Spiritfarer, can I double change my pick?

  12. I might do the same as Caspius, even though I don’t own a Switch yet. I’m almost exclusively playing PSO2 nowdays. I will work on Earthbound too.

  13. @Ethos: OOF! And no refunds!


    TWO! WEEKS! 😱

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