Top of the Plops: October 2020

The first of many uses of this graphic.
It’s number two, it’s Top of the Plops!

Welcome to Top of the Plops, the monthly roundup of The Day Tonight in which staff pick the games they plan on buying in the upcoming month. September saw the announcement, and release of, Super Mario 3D All-Stars shortly after the last post went live. What surprises does October hold for us?

Or he will just bother Imitanis for 'em all again.
Caspius will catch ’em all for a third time!

Caspius: I am hoping for a Bravely Default II release in October, which would definitely be my pick for the month. But because that is unlikely, my big pick for October is the expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield. I have already downloaded the releases of Pikachu wearing two of Ash Ketchum’s hats from the anime series, and I am looking forward to the rest as well. But the big draw remains the possibility of some new Pokemon being added to the game–especially Rattata. Because, boy oh boy, would I love to tell you about my Rattata!

Damnit SNooB, two months in a row!
Mary Skelter 2, worth ignoring your colleagues for.

SiliconNooB: If I checked Discord more often, then maybe I would reply when asked what I am looking forward to in the coming month. I have better things to do, like playing more Mary Skelter 2.

Radiant Historia is a great game to pick up in a sale
Ethos may break out his wallet for some 3DS RPGs

Ethos: I really shouldn’t be buying anything and I’ve been enjoying finally completing some games in my catalogue over the past few weeks, but my eye is on that Sega sale happening for the Switch and 3DS, so count on me to break my budget for an RPG or two.

Probably my favourite game of 2020 so far.
The art! The voice acting! Exclamation!

Imitanis: I shall be buying the Robotics;Notes double pack for Switch in October. This visual novel…. Sorry, I have been told by Caspius that visual novels are not games. I guess I’ll be playing more Hades in between the moments of my eagerly anticipated ‘entertainment software’.

Readers, will you be picking up any of these games? What are your picks for October? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I played Hades, it’s still good. There always seems to be more to unlock in the game!

  2. Hey! This isn’t the first use of that Top of the Plops graphic! False advertising!

  3. Right now it’s Mario 3d all stars and Baldurs Gate. Im tempted to get the Switch version of BG.

  4. I don’t think I’ll be getting any games in October, but the two I’m looking forward to in the near-ish future are the Pocky & Rocky and R-Type reboots.

    There is a sale on Blaster Master Zero 2 and Bloodstained: COTM 2 on Switch. I liked, but not looved the first games – are the sequels any better, or more like the same?

  5. I might try that r-type reboot. I researched and noticed a r-type tactics game. I might hunt that one down

  6. @TacticsJack: The Switch versions of BG/BG2 and Icewind Dale are apparently pretty good!

    @Tanzenmatt: More of the same, although in both cases they are somewhat more difficult than the originals (both of which were far too easy).

  7. I ran into the not having Bill show up at the ducal gate glitch in BG. I said that’s close enough. I moved to Siege of Dragonspear. I liked the graphical and engine upgrade that one has I’m also running a all Chaotic Evil run. It’s been a fun ride with that one. I’m going have to wait on the Switch versions now. It’s not available locally and I’m about to move in with my girlfriend.

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