TSM Episode 606: Mr. Nintendo at the Summit

Crown Tundra will include legendary Pokemon of every description.
Crown Tundra comes to Pokemon on 22 October.

Download Link: Released 2020.10.05

Akademician and SiliconNooB review the latest updates from the site-wide Earthbound playthrough, details of the forthcoming release of the Pokemon Crown Tundra expansion, and the astounding and continued success of the Nintendo Switch hardware and software.


  1. Our ITUNES REVIEW CONTEST continues! The best iTunes review of our podcast, posted before the end of the Earthbound playthrough, will win for the author a new game on Amazon/Steam up to $70(US). There is only one (1) current entry, so the field is wide open. Good luck!

  2. That Dragon Quest Tact news item makes me want to throw stuff against a wall. What the hell are they thinking!!!!!!!

  3. Square Enix remains deeply and stupidly committed to trying to push gamers onto mobile. It’s just not going to happen! The controls suck! People hate their games breaking as soon as the OS gets updated! There’s no longevity or support!

    And yet they continue this nonsense.

  4. It needs a Switch port stat. It’s the type of game I want to play on it. SE needs to pull thier head out of their collective asses. While they at it release a Switch port of Tactics Ogre. I’ve never been so disappointed at a game company. I would buy CE versions of those games.

  5. They haven’t touched the Ogre series since the PSP and it seems like they don’t even remember that they own the IP. There’s a wonderful series that has been woefully neglected. But then again, given the way they’ve handled remakes recently, maybe we should count our blessings that they haven’t ruined it.

  6. That’s all I want Caspius,Tactics Orge on Switch. I can play it anywhere, and dock it and play it on the TV. I know the series as as a whole is niche. It’s the only game I know of that was overfilled with content. I went through 6 months of constant playing, gathering all the named characters, played all the storylines, palace of the dead 3 times, San Bronsa ruins. I still want more. I can replay it on vita but my vita is on it way out. Sure I can emulate it but when I did it was unstable. So SE, I know you watch this site. Please make me happy.

  7. Tactics Ogre is great, but I would personally prefer them to make another Final Fantasy Tactics, preferably with the involvement of Matsuno.

  8. I had some thoughts on that too. I’m not sure but I think game he was working on still isn’t out. Unsung Story? It’s had a rocky devolopment from what I read. I know the guy has some issues, but everything he’s ever made for SE has been solid gold. He left FF12 devolopment early on because of SE management. They still used his ideas and script. They still hire him too. He’s the only director/producer tied with SE that I trust 100% to give us a great product

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