News: Final Fantasy IX Releasing Physically on Switch

Rumour: Physical Version of Final Fantasy IX for Switch

A lot has been made recently of Square Enix Europe’s decision to finally release the physical double pack of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, but some news has come out of Square Enix Asia this week that eclipses all that. Final Fantasy IX is set to release physically for the Switch this Winter, and it will support multiple languages including English. We will finally be able to complete our PS1 – PS2 era of Final Fantasy collections on the Switch! This is only marked as a rumour because it is based on a Facebook post which Square Enix later deleted, but other than that it looks pretty solid. The now deleted announcement reads as follows:

Coming this Winter, Final Fantasy IX will be releasing as a physical package version on the Nintendo Switch! Languages supported are English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Please stay tuned for further information!

The misaligned Amarant portrait somewhat spoils the aesthetics of the box art.
The box art pretty much confirms the game’s release.

It is possible that this post was the result of a simple mix up, yet to this author’s way of thinking it sounds too detailed and specific to be a mere mistake. Besides, releasing niche physical products for collectors is kind of Square Enix Asia’s thing now. It seems more likely that they made the announcement, and then Square Enix Japan sent them an angry fax ordering them to take it down for fear that it will hurt their precious digital sales of Final Fantasy IX!

Final Fantasy IX is the place I'll return to someday.
We can finally complete the physical PS1 + PS2 hexalogy on Switch!

The post even included box art for the game, which in this author’s opinion makes the game’s release all but a confirmed certainty. The box art is actually fairly clean and attractive, save for Amarant being squished to make room for the Switch logo. Square Enix Asia should have left the character renders properly aligned, and simply supplied a clean reverse cover where Amarant is not obscured by the Switch logo. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed ahead of launch.

Details for European Release of Final Fantasy VII & VIII Twin Pack Confirmed

In other Square Enix physical release news, more is now known about the European Switch release of Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII Remastered – Twin Pack. When this bundle releases it will not do so alone, as on the same day (hilariously) a physical release of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will also arrive on PS4 (sans Final Fantasy VII) – because apparently only bad games are allowed to release for the PS4 now! Sucks to be a Sony Pony only!

An awful Final Fantasy collection has begun to form around the Playstation.
A great little Final Fantasy collection is coalescing around the Nintendo Switch.

Both games will release on December 4, just in time for Christmas. So Switch owners will have a Christmas miracle, and PS4 owners a lump of coal. Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII Remastered – Twin Pack for the Nintendo Switch will cost 40 Euros, which converts to roughly $47. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for PS4 will cost 20 Euros, which converts to roughly $23. The Twin Pack comes in the same ugly budget packaging of the game’s Asian release, while the cover of the PS4 release of VIII actually looks fairly clean and elegant – so PS4 owners at least get that trade-off. VIII is a bit of a turd, but, depending on Australian pricing, one is sorely tempted to pick it up on the strength of its box art. It would look great one’s collection.

Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand #FinalFantasy VII and FFVIII Remastered Twin Pack on #NintendoSwitch
FFVIII Remastered on #PS4
December 4, 2020

If only we could get the SNES trilogy released on Switch then things would be perfect, and perhaps the NES trilogy too for good measure, to satisfy Akademician’ OCD. Sadly however, it seems likely that if Square Enix were to release the SNES trilogy on Switch, then they would probably be based off of the horribly botched Steam ports, which one is most certainly not interested in obtaining.

Japanese Gamers are Not Digging Sony’s Confirm Button Switcharoo

Fresh off of the awful and insulting news that Sony’s Californian branch are forcing a nonsensical confirm button change onto Japanese gamers, it would seem that the aforementioned gamers are not best pleased with Sony. Inside Games conducted a poll of Japanese gamers looking at support (or lack thereof) regarding this ill-advised change, to which 1,047 responded. A decent sample size. Respondents were given three options: they could choose whether they supported this shithead move by Sony, they supported it if they were allowed to opt out of the change in system settings (compromise), or they outright opposed it. When viewing this data it is important to remember that Sony has already stated that they are not willing to compromise on the confirm button issue, so the middle option responses can essentially be combined with responses that oppose the change.

Nintendo Switch is a much better option.
The Japanese people see this turd for what it is.

43.7% of respondents outright opposed the change, while 31.8% of respondents would support it provided that they were allowed to opt out (which is not an option), and just 24.3% of respondents were willing to support it unreservedly. At this point it must be pointed out that the Japanese are a notoriously polite people, who often actively avoid voicing opinions that may lead to conflict, so a more accurate reading of this data might be that 43.7% of respondents absolutely loathed Sony’s manoeuvre, 31.8% of them merely resented it, and 24.3% of respondents were simply too polite to tell Sony how they really feel about it.

Among the concerns listed were issues like the effect this would have on learned muscle memory and how this would impact backwards compatibility, as many were concerned that their existing library of games would begin to function differently. While these are both very valid concerns, one feels that an even bigger concern is the fact that the Californian branch of Sony very obviously does not view their Japanese customers with any kind of respect, so how then does one buy into an ecosystem that has made it clear that they do not have any regard for you as a customer, and that will in fact go out of its way to inconvenience you for no reason but spite?


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