TSM Episode 608: Cancellations and Delays

However, an early 2021 release is still on the cards.
Axiom Verge 2 will not be released in 2020.

Download Link: Released 2020.10.19

With the end of the year only two months away, the industry’s list of cancellations and delays comes due: Akademician and SiliconNooB review the games that will not be making it into the 2020 Holiday Season, and prognosticate about holiday hardware sales.


  1. I actually did that too, making paper games and consoles when I was a child before I got my game boy. My sister and I spent four days in my room making paper game boys and making games. We cut out many small «screens» to put on the screen and drew the whole game. I made platformers, puzzles etc based on the little I knew of games. Definitely a favorite memory of mine and in fact I still have them.

    Eventually we got game boys for real and moved on to gba and ds after that. And it’s still a favorite thing we do together to play rpgs ^^

  2. Good heavens no. Sometimes I got those as gifts from relatives who thought they were ‘just like’ the real thing. I remember being given a Tiger LCD Castlevania game, and it was awful. They were all awful.

  3. I got the ones before the Game boy came out. Amazingly they are still a thing. I’ve seen them in stores in this day and age

  4. I was also so disappointed when I got one. Having played an actual video game, who would want one of those pieces of junk?

    I include Game and Watch! The fact that Nintendo made some doesn’t make them somehow ‘better’. Garbage, garbage, garbage.

  5. So satisfied to hear that I wasn’t the only one! I also made paper laptops and actually attempted to sell them at school! I sold as many units as deserved to be sold: Zero.

    My most embarrassing moment was pretending that an Etch-A-Sketch was a Game Boy in hopes that my mother would feel badly enough for me and buy me one. That also worked as well as it should have: It didn’t.

  6. I would buy one of your paper laptops. But then I would insist it was crippled by a virus, and would demand a refund.

  7. Perhaps I will price it $1M and forgive the debt and pay you back your dued $0 happily in full.

    (also, you would be right. it would be crippled with a virus. all adamcomputers come pre-installed with them. it’s on the package! (that’s our slogan)).

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