TSM Episode 613: Retro Recording

With special thanks to our supporters, including Messrs. A. G. Bell and T. A. Edison!
The Day Tonight’s recording studio features the latest technology!

Download Link: Released 2020.11.23

When Akademician sends his laptop in for repair, the podcast panel is forced to rely upon vintage hardware (with a commensurate loss in quality), but they are undeterred in presenting Capcom’s forthcoming release schedule, PS5 launch figures, and more!


  1. I have discovered, after the fact, that when I plugged my headphones in, the recording signal shifted to the inferior on-cord microphone that is connected to the headphones. It won’t happen again!

  2. There’s noticeable background hiss and occasional noise of the mic rubbing on my shirt.

    It will be better! Apologies!

  3. Well, that’s nice to know. Maybe I should have played VC on Switch then, I know I would be moving through it a little more efficiently than I am on PS3. I just ordered VC4 on Switch this weekend though.

  4. Think how nice those VC icons would look next to each other on your Switch menu!

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