TSM Episode 616: Takahashi’s Ambition

Tetsuya, peerless / In boundless ambition, both / Tragic and awesome.
Sing of Xenogears, / Takahashi’s Ambition, / Wider than the sea.

Download Link: Released 2020.12.14

Great Takahashi,
ambitious, planned Xenogears,
but without caution.

Time, too short for men,
defied him, ruined his plans,
but left him unmoved.

In time, Nintendo,
seeking a man of vision,
helped him to glory.


  1. Mrs. Brown’s peas are full of country goodness and green pea-ness. Who writes this?

    I really don’t know what genres of games are in the Plop, because the gameplay is almost ever mentioned, but I’m betting even WWI Sky Aces is a visual novel.

  2. I miss The Critic!

    99% of all games in the Plop are either:

    1. A diagatilt real-time first-person rougelite sandbox cover-based strategy shooter combining easy-to-learn-but-difficult-to-master scrolling puzzle mechanics with a colourful loot-driven open-world turn-based tactical action-adventure design, supported by robust RPG mechanics and a unique crafting system; or,

    2. A visual novel.

  3. Would it make sense to end a playthrough of Xenogears after finishing disc one, with however that ends, and not watching disc two?

  4. @Tanzenmatt: No. Disc 1 ends mid-story sequence, and although the way the story is delivered on disk 2 isn’t ideal, it’s much better to have it the way it is than to have nothing at all. Remember, there is no sequel.

    As a conjectural imagining, sure, it would have been different if they had ended Disc 1 at a suitable point and then released a sequel to conclude the story. But that is not what exists; there is no conclusion outside of this game, so the whole thing is necessary.

    Note that the storyline isn’t explained until disc 2, especially including the (excellent) opening sequence.

  5. It’s actually a pity that Xenogears was never turned into an anime, given that most of its important story moments weren’t interactive anyway.

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