TSM Episode 620: Worst of the More-Than-Decade

Loot boxes are demonic. Turn away from them!
One of the worst things of all time, let alone since 2009.

Download Link: Released 2021.01.11

As a new decade dawns, the staff members discuss the biggest failures in video gaming since the site launch in February 2009, with many suggested candidates for the worst gaming hardware system, game developer company, and individual video game.


  1. The new Atari system has gotten a backer release already and reviewers are giving it a meh rating calling it ouya 2.0. Btw what happened to the end of the year giveaway? Worst console release? At games genesis with bad emulation, bad controllers, not all genesis carts work on it and 29 crapware games installed.

  2. @PubPibbs: The end of the year giveaway was tied to donators getting entries. As I explained at length when we started accepting Patreon donations back in 2019, their TOS prevents us tying any material rewards to donations. Instead of only one giveaway per year tied to donations, we now do multiple giveaways tied to commenting and particiption. We just did one, another will happen at the end of January.

    Re. Worst Console of the year, if you missed it, it was in last week’s episode.

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