TSM Episode 621: A Literal Plop

All your HUNNY are belong to the CCP!
Not THAT kind of Pooh!

Download Link: Released 2021.01.18

Exposure to Final Fantasy X leaves Akademician crippled with the Brown Rain, and a quieter, more studious podcast is the result, with a thorough examination of Nintendo’s total domination of the Japanese video game market, following Sony’s self-destruction.


  1. I like using Paypal so I make larger donations several times a year. I don’t want to start using Patreon because I don’t like having monthly reductions, but if that’s the way it’s headed then I probably will too.

  2. @Tanzenmatt: Thanks for the feedback! Is there another donation-style app that you have used, other than Patreon? I’m considering alternatives!

  3. I don’t know of another good donation program; if there was one I’d learn about it from The Day Tonight. :D

    From the articles I’m reading though, PayPal acquired a Chinese company called GoPay to get into that market, not a Chinese company who bought PayPal.

  4. Oh! I read that the upshot was the reverse, but if that’s actually the case, I do feel better about it. If you have a link, that would help!

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