TSM Episode 624: Edelgard Triumphant

More importantly, she is Best Girl.
Edelgard rises in power to rule an empire.

Download Link: Released 2021.02.08

Akademician finally completes Fire Emblem: Three Houses, ensuring that Byleth and Edelgard reign over a happy, egalitarian empire for the rest of their days. Likewise, in the video game industry, prosperity reigns–at least for those aligned with Nintendo!


  1. The Switch is fine, but I’d definitely purchase games on other platforms over the switch if they are available. Definitely wouldn’t want most developers to focus on switch first as most games other than indies and first party run and look like poo.

  2. Edelgard is, after all, the strong female student president we need. I would definitely back a future playthrough of Three Houses since most of us who’ve played it once or twice still has incentive to do it again.

  3. @Tanzenmatt: That’s… a REALLY good idea!

    @Neoxman: the only game I’ve been disappointed with on Switch is Bloodstained. As we’ve seen with both Doom and Witcher III, programming for the Switch’s capabilities and doing good optimisation goes a long way!

  4. I don’t think Doom and Witcher III are such good examples – as both are games that I would specifically want to play on platforms that are not the Nintendo Switch, commendable efforts tho they are.

    That being said, given the types of games that I tend to prefer, most end up with surprisingly good Switch versions. Its Japanese support is pretty much rock solid, which is what I care about.

  5. @SN – Count me as another who almost never buys cross-platform games for the Switch. But as a shill for Nintendo-exclusive games, I get more than enough value out of the system.

    @TanzenMatt/Caspius – I’m also jumping on this bandwagon. I’ve been really bad with the site playthroughs recently (and been bad at sticking with one game at a time in general since Origami King), but I plan on trying much harder for Bravely and I would put in my all for a Three Houses one too!

  6. My problem is that the ports are poorly optimized. Dragon’s Dogma, a game I loved on the 360 struggles on the Switch
    I like it beacuse of the older ports that we released on it like FF7-12, Disgaea 1, Baldurs Gate. It’s my retro machine this gen like the vita was last gen

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