TSM Episode 629: Transition Plan

Farewell, farewell, farewell!
FAREWELL, Super Mario 3D All-Stars!

Download Link: Released 2021.03.15

With the ongoing site-wide Bravely Default II playthrough in full swing, the entire staff of The Day Tonight assemble to discuss their experiences with the game so far, the most important news of the day, and plans for the future of the site.


  1. hark, the time has come
    When last sun of summer sets
    Leaves blow on the wind

  2. Wait, SiliconNooB!
    That time has not come just yet:
    Summer lies ahead!

  3. How did I get here?
    This sign does not say Hotto.
    Taxi please! Post haste!

  4. Not looking forward to it, but appreciate knowing long in advance.

    When it comes to the new Anbernic I considered it, but I don’t really notice aspect ratios that much or screen quality etc. And apart from that the ones I have do a very good job to my not too critical eyes and I’m super happy with them. And I would anyway wait for a metal version by now. But also I remembered Analogue Pocket is set to ship this year.
    And I’m wanting to add another Vita this year, probably a Sapphire. And maybe 3ds and PSP color more too. And I want to expand my DS library, PSP and Vira library. I think I have enough xD

  5. @Winter: you’re going to need a second house just for your handhelds!

    I honestly think it’s better to imagine the next steps forward as a transition rather than an ending: I’ve been working on revamping the Discord channel: there will be dedicated chats for posting news and playthrough updates.

    So, one way of framing this is that we’re basically going to focus on what people enjoy best: playthroughs! So if you like participating make sure you pop into Discord because after the last on-site playthrough this summer, those dedicated chat channels will go live and our first-ever Discord playthrough will begin.

    (And I’m still looking into ways to do the occasional audio/video ‘special content’, possibly via Twitch or some other off-site hosting. Stay tuned for further updates!)

  6. I am definitely wanting to do discord playthroughs! Not gonna lie though definitely going to miss the podcast a lot. But if you manage some special content I’m all up for watching/listening of course ^^

    That’s what beds with space under them are for!! I have boxes under the bed where the handhelds are and I grab them out every day when I choose handhelds I’m playing that day.

  7. I was disappointed when I heard the news. It makes a lot of sense why it needs to happen though. I’m just really glad I found this site around eight years ago and got so much value out of the podcast and site. I am happy that it isn’t really ending completely and is just transforming/transitioning.

    I love the boss fight story about Akademician’s son. It reminded me of how I loved watching my dad fight bosses in games like Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy 4/6 when I was a little kid.

    I am usually under-leveled when playing games. I usually try to advance as soon as possible and only go out of my way to level if I can’t possibly beat a boss. I imagine this might be why I had so much trouble with a few bosses in BD2. My party around the Beastmaster fight would have been something like Vanguard/Monk for the physical fighters and BM/WM and WM/Bard for the mages.

  8. When I was younger, I always triedy to hurry forward. Random battles were not my thing, and I found them very boring. So I would run from every battle, add hurry from point to point as quickly as I could. It made games a lot harder!

    As time has gone on, I’ve become more and more thorough, with the result that I am often vastly over levelled through the process of doing absolutely everything. This more or leas destroys any challenge. The optimum balance is probably somewhere in between, and I’m always trying to restrain myself for that reason.

  9. That might be part of why I like to usually play the way I do. The most satisfying battles for me are those that are a huge challenge where every choice matters greatly. I really love those moments where you barely win a fight with one last desperate attack that downs the boss. There is some satisfaction in being able to just mow down a mighty boss easily because of thorough completion of everything offered but not as much as a desperate struggle I find.

    There are some games where this leads to ruin. Games where to beat the final boss would probably require 10+ hours of grinding just to see the ending and feel the satisfaction of completing the game. Romancing Saga 3 was like this. I was able to complete everything up to the final bosses at around the 450-550 hp mark but needed to grind for a long time to get to the point I could survive the final fights. It would have been more satisfying to spread those extra fights out across the length of the game instead of doing them all at once.

    It’s definitely a challenge to find that sweet spot that keeps the game challenging while not requiring too much of a grind to get to the point of being able to survive a fight.

  10. That’s interesting. I’m love being ocerpowered. The more the better. I don’t always have the stamina to become OP, but when I do like BDII I absolutely love it.

  11. I love that people can find such different ways to find enjoyment and satisfaction out of the same games.

  12. Yes it’s very fascinating actually. My fiancé is so opposite of me when it comes to playing. I usually play at least five different games every day and have countless ongoing. I take ages to get through them, but always play something every day. He plays only one game at a time and will play it intensely until he’s done just taking a few days. But then he might go two months before the next game he wants to play comes around. While I can play almost any rpg really.

    It’s crazy how much playstyles differ and always fun to see different approaches to gaming ^^

  13. @Winter: my playstyle is just like your fiancee’s. Pick one thing, absolutely focus on it, finish it, and then wait for the next thing I want to come out.

  14. Yep I have definitely gathered that :D *looking at those 500+ pokemon hours*

  15. I discussed my playstyle with Akademician some time ago. I usualy have 4 games I pick on rotation. Right now, they are BD2, Baldurs Gate 1&2, FF7, and FFX-2. I played Dynasty Warriors 9 some but its just to throw something in I’ve had a life long obsession for. Focus is on BD2 and Baldurs Gate

  16. I was more like Akademician but I’m now more like Winter. I prefer the hyper-focused approach of Akademician to be honest, but the more I tried to force myself to stay that way, the fewer games I was playing and enjoying. So now I’ve given into just playing where my attention points and not berating myself for not completing a game. The only game I truly played front to back without stopping this year was Origami King. FF7R came closest and BD2 after that, but both those games had some pregnant pauses for me to play other games. I’m in the middle of one with BD2 right now!

  17. Bad games don’t deserve completion. Good games do.

    I never regret finishing them (in fact I’m always very glad I did), but in every game there comes a point where I would set it aside and start playing something else, thus depriving me of that experience. So now I make myself keep going and once I get over that weird mental hurdle, it is easily worth the effort.

    In BD2 it first hit me at the Crystal Resting Place. I think it may have its origins in ‘not wanting the experience to end’. But today I completed the Wind and Fire wings before naptime ended and I’m back to charging ahead, happily!

  18. I think the only game i rushed through was Dragon Age 2. I finished it, and sold it in the first week. I never went back. I got burned badly

  19. Well, that’s a terrible game, so your bad experience may have more to do with that than with your rushing through it!

  20. Just get it over with. Pull the bandaid off per say. I mean it’s a matter of savoring a good experience or that this game sucks and it put down. I will play a game to completion if its good.

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