News: [Rumour] PS4s Will Stop Playing Physical Discs

PS4s Will Stop Playing Physical Discs

Remember that cute little video that Sony did to dunk on Microsoft, where one executive handed a physical disc to another to demonstrate the permanence of PS4 game ownership? It turns out that this was a complete fraud, as the PS4’s physical media DRM was merely hidden beneath a couple of extra layers of abstraction. You will get to keep your physical PS4 games, that much is true, but you will probably have to buy a PS5 in order to play them! The irony is really going to be when Xbox One owners are playing their physical collections for years to come on their existing consoles, while PS4 owners are only able to use their consoles to throw up error messages!

Have we reached the nadir of Sony's downward spiral?
PS4 consoles are all planned to fail in order to protect the sanctity of Trophies!

Lance McDonald, a Youtuber with a channel dedicated to exploring game preservation issues, console hacking, and exploring hidden content within games, has this week revealed that every PS4 console effectively has an expiry date. Any interruption to the PS4’s internal clock will cause the console to display a CE 34878-0 error message when a user attempts to play a physical game, a non-game physical disc, a digital game, or any digital file.

Right now the PS4’s internal clock is kept operational via the system’s internal battery. If the PS4’s battery fails (which all batteries eventually do) or if the system crashes, then that can interrupt the system’s internal clock, and the only way to prevent your system from becoming a brick is for it to connect to the PS4 servers in order to reset the internal clock. This week we all became aware of Sony’s plans to shut down the servers for the Vita, PS3, and PSP. Get the picture? Every PS4 console will fail for the stupidest and most unnecessary reason.

So why was this terrible anti-consumer engineering decision made? Because apparently PSN Trophies are the most important thing ever, and it was vitally important for Sony to outfit every PS4 console with a killswitch rather than risking the integrity of PSN Trophies through owners manipulating the system’s internal clock! Boy is that a worthwhile trade-off!!

everyone worrying about a non existent Denuvo problem when what they should be worrying about is

ERROR CE 34878-0

when the ps4 cmos battery dies (and it will) it renders all ps4 digital files unusable without a server reconnection and in ps4 it also kills disc playback

This error is because Trophies on PS4 require the internal system clock (the one you can’t see / alter) to be correct, so people cant change their PS4 date/time to make it look like they got trophies earlier than they really did. If your PS4 clock battery dies, all your games die

If your system clock resets to zero, the only official way to correct it is to connect to the PSN network. However jailbreaking the console allows you to set it manually.

It would be nice if Sony to release a firmware update to just be like “You can not earn trophies due to a clock error. Connect to PSN to unlock trophies” and let you just start the game offline without trophies. I assume they’ll never do this though because low priority.

Just to emphasise: you can fix this by just putting a new battery in then syncing your console to the PSN once. We are just pointing out that the console will be bricked in some imaginary distant future when the PSN goes away (if ever?).

How long do you suppose PS4 servers will remain up in Japan, where Sony has already withdrawn support for console repairs? Sony put a halt to PS3 repairs in May of 2019, and now here they are shutting down servers two years later. It looks like Sony will probably be shutting down Japanese PS4 servers in 2023 (at best). To be honest one would not be surprised if Sony shut off Japanese PS4 serves next week, because the new Californian administration hates Japanese people. PS4 owners have all been made victims of a terrible ruse! People’s consoles will all fail in order to protect the integrity of Sony’s stupid artificial plaudits! That is a high price to pay for obnoxious bragging rights.

Sony Is Literally the ‘I Made This’ Meme

Soyny thinks that their stupid Trophies are the most important thing in the world. Important enough to build a killswitch into PS4 consoles, and important enough to attempt to patent the intellectual property of the retro community out from under them! Even Trophies themselves constitute intellectual theft from Microsoft, although Sony are hardly alone in this.

They will attempt to pilfer anything not nailed down!
The Sackville-Playstationses have sticky litigious fingers!

This week it has come to light that back in February 2019 Sony filed a patent to attempt to take ownership of the intellectual property belonging to Scott Davies of RetroAchievements. Back in 2012 Davies, a former Rare developer, created a site which tracked player progress through retro video games by checking for various determined memory values – and then awarding Achievements based on this. RetroAchievements has since been integrated into multiple emulation frontends, and multiple stand-alone emulators. It has pretty much become a staple of the open handheld community.

Now Sony – who no longer release any classic Playstation games, and who this year plan to switch off the Vita, PS3, and PSP – are planning to wrestle this intellectual property away from RetroAchievements for reasons unknown. Perhaps they plan to re-launch their failed Playstation Mini with Trophies? Perhaps they plan to add Trophies to their underwhelming and invisible Playstation Now service. Whatever the case, their 2019 filing attempts to patent the precise method that RetroAchievements pioneered to track game progress back in 2012! This is disgusting! Sony is a foul, foul joke company!

Final Fantasy XI Mobile Definitively Cancelled. Finally!

Back in 2015 (seven years ago!) this site discussed with great scepticism the announcement that a little known studio by the name of Nexon was working to port Final Fantasy XI R to smartphones. As the game has failed to materialise over the years, and as the excuses were stretched increasingly thin, we expressed on several occasions that the game had likely already been cancelled, and that its ongoing development was a pantomime. That Square Enix were just keeping the announcement of its cancellation buried in a darkened vault beneath company headquarters, biding their time until such time had passed as would allow them to sneak out the news with little to no comment by anyone who matters. Well, it would appear that time has come.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody.
Final Fantasy XI will not be coming to smartphones!

Square Enix sneaked out news of Final Fantasy XI R‘s cancellation this week. They did not actually make the announcement themselves, instead leaving it to to leak the news. It is anyone’s guess what the Japanese response to this news is, but if English-language reporting is anything to go by, then the Square Enix strategy has probably worked. This news has landed with hardly a blip on the radar.

Both companies had agreed to reallocate development staff to other projects, as the game was not meeting the expectations fans had for Final Fantasy in terms of creativity.

When has Square Enix ever made any kind of meaningful decision based on fan expectation? Granted, fan expectations do matter to the Tomoya Asano production team within the company, but outside of that clique the notion of fan expectation is not even in the company lexicon. To be perfectly honest, this author struggles to believe fans would have cared about this project either way. It kind of feels like we are the only people who even remember that this project even existed, and even then that was only because it was funny.

If nothing else, it is a genuinely satisfying feeling that TDT could report on this phantom game’s definitive demise before the site winds-down at the end of Summer. It feels like taking care of unfinished business. Now if only Denis Dyack would be a good sport and confess to his numerous alleged crimes against children!


  1. I’ve been wondering what Denis Dyack has been up to!

    All this has got me starting to rethink my priorities in how I’ve purchased games on PS4. Has anybody checked into PS5 yet? Why would they not have the same problem?

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