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Castlevania Resurrection Prototype Resurrects 22 Years Later

When Sega pulled the plug on the Dreamcast a lot of development projects were left in the lurch, and not all of these found their way to alternate platforms. One such project was Castlevania Resurrection, which has long been thought lost to time.

For $20,000 these better be some damn good levels!

The game starred Sonia Belmont (of Castlevania Legends fame), who was later expunged from series canon, and also introduced Victor Belmont, who was subsequently recycled for 2014’s Lords of Shadow 2. This week a playable E3 prototype of the game resurfaced on Ebay, and allegedly sold for $20,000 USD. It is not the full game, but players are able to select five of the game’s levels from a menu. It is anyone’s guess whether the buyer of this prototype will be a good guy who dumps the game online for everyone to enjoy, or whether they will jealously hoard it like dragon’s gold. Anyone interested in seeing this long-lost Dreamcast game in action may do so here – but fingers crossed we will eventually be able to play through this ourselves.

Metroid Fan Devs Give Nintendo’s Lawyers a Gentlemanly Heads Up

These graphics look sharp!

Why do fan developers always do this? Far too many people do things to tip off Nintendo’s lawyers before they have a chance to release their game. Prime 2D is what the name suggests, a 2D demake of Metroid Prime – and has been fifteen years in the making. AM2R made very impressive use of Metroid Fusion‘s tiles and graphics, yet Prime 2D looks like it might be using bespoke assets all of its own, as the visuals look quite a bit sharper than SNES and GBA graphics – though this author is not familiar enough with Metroid release history to state this with any real authority. Anyway, this week after fifteen long years of development the team has decided to tip off Nintendo’s lawyers by releasing a demo. The game can be seen in action here and the demo can be downloaded here. Hopefully this demo release does not make a strong enough blip on Nintendo’s radar to attract the attention of their lawyers.

There Has Been a 4k Remaster of Timesplitters 2 Hidden Within Homefront Since 2016

This week it was discovered that there is a fully playable 4k remaster of Timesplitters 2 (replete with mouse and keyboard controls) hidden within 2016’s failed release of Homefront: The Revolution, begging the question of why they did not just release the remaster instead. It has long been known that the first two levels of Timesplitters 2 existed as a playable Easter egg within Homefront: The Revolution, yet a dev who worked on the game by the name of Matt Phillips revealed that he had hidden the complete game in there, but had forgotten the code to unlock it. Several days later a Microsoft software engineer by the name of Spencer Perreault and a Discord user by the name of Fanoto revealed that they had reverse engineered the unlock codes, making the full game playable:

They should have just released this instead of Homefront.

People will probably be able to extract the full game eventually.

Square Enix News

Our physical copies of Saga Frontier will not be getting lonely on our gameshelves after all, as a physical Asian version of Legend of Mana will be releasing with full English support on June 24. Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions will be available. Legend of Mana is not such a good Squaresoft release, yet Square Enix have put together such a wonderful Squaresoft physical collection on Switch that one is keen to buy this just for collection purposes.

Our Squaresoft collection gets bigger!

June must be the month for dubious Square Enix re-releases, because June 8 will also see the release of the 4k version Advent Children: Complete. In the intervening years since this film’s release Tetsuya Nomura has seen to it that Advent Children is no longer the most insulting product based on the Final Fantasy VII property, but the experience still is not great. If nothing else, it will look very pretty in HDR.

Finally, Square Enix has renewed the trademark for Front Mission. Renewing trademarks is not anything out of the ordinary, and often leads to nothing. That said, over the last month Square Enix has renewed Front Mission in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia – which looks like they might have something planned for the series. It is not worth getting one’s hopes up over this news though, as the last couple of Front Mission games have been farmed out to mediocre studios, and have been terrible products, so this might just be more of that.

Old Voices Return to Shenmue

The release of Shenmue III may have been a tragic failure, yet its existence has given rise to a pretty remarkable community mod put together by For Shenmue III, actor Corey J Marshall reprised his role as Ryo Hazuki, but two other prominent game characters, Wuying Ren and Lan Di, had their roles recast. Since Shenmue III‘s release the original actors for these roles, Eric Kelso and Paul Lucas, have been working for free with modders to revoice their characters in order to bring their performances more inline with Shenmue 1&2, and if the preview video is any indication they have achieved cheesy perfection.

This mod brings the classic cheese back to Shenmue!

This voice restoration mod can be found here.

The Last of Us Is Being Remade?!

Why tho? One look at Sony’s current self-important portfolio of game exclusives is enough to immediately create the impression that they have been taking their creative lead directly from Hollywood movies and HBO television shows. The games are pretty far from being enjoyable to play, but they certainly are not lacking for pomp. Now it would seem that Sony are copying one more thing from Hollywood; the risk-averse unnecessary remake.

Apparently the original game didn’t have enough smelly lesbian kisses and bigot sandwiches!

The Last of Us was released in the dying days of the PS3, and the graphics already looked a generation apart from its contemporaries, comparing favourable to launch PS4 games. The Last of Us went on to receive a HD remaster on the PS4, which was upgraded with a patch to run in 4k on the PS4 Pro. If ever there was a game that did not require a remake, this is it! And yet a remake is the only way left to go after Neil Druckmann took a golfclub to the series and destroyed it… But who even cares about The Last of Us now? It is just the first part of a story which ends in the most pointless and miserable way possible. Druckmann has seen to it that The Last of Us is just the first film in the Matrix trilogy, or the first film in the Hobbit trilogy – a strong start devalued to worthlessness by its own mediocre sequels. Are Sonlies really going to want to relive The Last of Us, knowing where the story goes after the credits roll? And especially, knowing that Druckmann will likely use this opportunity to retroactively character assassinate Joel?

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    This is indeed the case, and boy do they look swell. Gorgeous, gorgeous demo. So, naturally, Mr. Nintendo is already on the phone to his lawyers.

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