News: Localization, Law, and Life!

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney will make its way to international shores, Valve looks at a calendar, trading in your games is tantamount to drug trafficking, and competition with controllers may advance the future of medicine.

News: Penny Arcade Expo 2011

Following the video game explosion that was Penny Arcade Expo 2011, Biggs sorts through to find the gems of the convention, some predictable while others entirely unexpected.

News: Real Life Needs Patch Update

Sony wants to redeem themselves from Xperia failure while Second Life gamers fail for the public, weeaboos find their way in Japan while Japanese Disgaea 4 fans laugh at them, and Final Fantasy FINALLY gets its beloved chocobos!

News: Justice and Just Us

Valve teases us with Portal and DotA 2 news, we see the good, the bad, and the ugly of the courtroom, and Japan gives weeaboos all they could ever want in a card game.

News: Passing the Time

Nintendo celebrates the anniversary of Zelda while mourning the shortcomings of the 3DS, the extremes of arrow-based dancing are tested by a California woman, and TopWare thinks you have beautiful eyes.

News: Captain Planet!

This week, a scatterbrained Biggs strings together a series of stories that have no reasonable connection whatsoever. Release dates, misogyny, terrorism, and pink sparkles all come together to form the strangest Captain Planet the world has ever seen.
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