TSM Episode 56: Santorum Claus

Lusipurr and Blitzmage team up with Imitanis in World of Warcraft, gaining twenty levels in the space of a few hours; SiliconNooB proposes moving the Lusipurr.com offices to a field in the English midlands; and Hilary Clinton is the new fat princess.

TSM Episode 55: Piecast

When Atlus announces they will region lock Persona 4 Arena, Lusipurr.com brings down the hammer. Wayward corporations aside, pies feature heavily, much to the delight of the Fat Princess. Also, the Japanese fetish for killing Gods results in a new game.

TSM Episode 54: RPGcast

Lusipurr has ruined RPGamer’s podcast one too many times, and the staff of RPGamer finally take matters into their own hands, turning the tables on Lusi and his minions. Sabin hosts, with guest panelists Paws and Firemyst, in this CatFancy-Crossover-Cast!

TSM Episode 53: Celebrationcast

In an effort to bring the latest POSITIVE and UPLIFTING news to gamers, Deimosion and Lusipurr hijack the Trans-Pacific Cable normally reserved for Australian use. In a Lusipurr.com first, the news is almost entirely good: great games are on the horizon!

TSM Episode 52: E3 2012

Lusipurr and Thea are away on their honeymoon, but the man in the black cape has made provision to ensure that the podcast connexion remains unbroken. Working with SiliconNooB, Lusipurr reports on the most important news–great and small–from E3 2012.

TSM Episode 51: LusiWeds

Recorded live and in person, Lusipurr.com staff members, guests, readers, and associates gather together to celebrate the wedding of Lusipurr and Thea. Unsurprisingly, a podcast suddenly transpires, and Paws arrives only in time to close things out.

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