Editorial: Looking at Nostalgia

This week, Old Man Deimosion takes a look at nostalgia and the power it has on his gaming tastes. He also talks about newer games and attempts to avoid sounding too much like he is pining for "The Good Old Days".

Editorial: My Favorite Soundtracks

With Final Fantasy VI and its amazing soundtrack on the mind Dei-Mog-sion takes a look at some of his favorite video game soundtracks and acknowledges that some of his favorite games have most of his favorite music.

Editorial: On Immersion

This week, Deimosion takes a look at immersion in games. What makes games immersive? What are some of Deimosion's favorite immersive games? Do any of Lusipurr.com's readers really not know the answers to these questions? All that, and less!

Editorial: On Metagames

This week, Deimosion talks about metagames: what are they, how are they formed, and how do they affect gaming? All that and less are discussed in this article as Deimosion talks about the meta and how it affects his League of Legends experiences.
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