Anime: Summer 2017 Week 6

By Durga
Saiyuki SLIDER 2

Another week, another totally on time post from Durga. Dig deep into the breach of a slightly shorter post this week as the schedule change means slimming down for the week to catch up.

Anime: Summer 2017 Week 1, 2, and 3

By Durga
Saiyuki SLIDER

The Summer season is upon us, and as such the weekly review series returns! Unfortunately for Durga, this season is a couple weeks in already. That means a very long post and a lot of anime to watch! Will Durga manage to review everything coherently?

Review: Castlevania

By Durga
Castlevania SLIDER

Join Durga as he puts off starting the summer season for one more month, as something much more pressing has come up: a new video game adaptation! Can Castlevania hold a candle to the game series, or will it be a major whip in the face to fans?

Review: Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

By Durga
Mass Effect Paragon Lost SLIDER

Join Durga as this week he dives into a review of Mass Effect! The movie! Surprised to hear such a thing exists? Well, do not be worried, nobody else apparently seems to know about it either. Is it trash? Read on to find out!

Review: Katanagatari

By Durga
Katanagatari SLIDER

Join Durga as he reaches into the mystical bag of anime to post a review of a story of a girl and her sword, a “sword story” if you will. Katanagatari is the anime this week, and there is much to be said on it!