Editorial Miscellany: Sick It

Ethos forgot his excerpt! Oh, no! What will happen now? Lusipurr will write the excerpt and fill it with abuse to the effect that Ethos is a lazy, feckless, shiftless, gormless, bootless, helpless, useless, bumbling, blundering, babbling, blithering dolt.

Editorial Miscellany: Exhausted

Ethos is wiped, but happy to be writing something for LCom again after a week focused on other things. He did not play all that much, and he whines a lot, but it counts for something that he is happy to be here. Or, more likely, it counts for nothing.

Editorial: Return to Termina

Ethos has been playing Majora’s Mask 3D for about two weeks and while his review will not go live until next week, he details the changes that come along with the portable remake and whether he believes that they are welcome changes.

Editorial: The Long Sink

Ethos takes a look at how he takes a look at video games by reflecting on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Kingdom Hearts II and also by looking ahead to the next Zelda entry. He finds, among other things, that time is the most important dimension in video games.

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