Editorial: Return to Termina

Ethos has been playing Majora's Mask 3D for about two weeks and while his review will not go live until next week, he details the changes that come along with the portable remake and whether he believes that they are welcome changes.

Editorial: The Long Sink

Ethos takes a look at how he takes a look at video games by reflecting on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Kingdom Hearts II and also by looking ahead to the next Zelda entry. He finds, among other things, that time is the most important dimension in video games.

Editorial: New Super Mario RPG

Ethos has been playing many incarnations of Mario RPG games recently and considering how it has been seven years since a Mario RPG appeared on a home console, he speculates on what the next one could - or should - look like.

Editorial Miscellany: Departure

Ethos played Super Paper Mario. Ethos played Final Fantasy X. Ethos wrote about Super Paper Mario and Final Fantasy X. There is something else Ethos wrote about as well. Hm, what could it be?

Editorial: Inspiration

Ethos is sick of coasting and discusses some thoughts on what inspiration is and how it relates to video games, conversations about video games, and his own writing. Pretend that was an exciting description.

Editorial Miscellany: Tales of Keyblade

Ethos is sick and tired and should be enjoying his holidays, but he just loves his readers too much and so he crawled out of his gross sweaty bed and blew his nose to bring everybody an Editoral Miscellany. Enjoy.

Editorial Miscellany: Sweetoden Bros

Ethos was very excited to download Suikoden II and start his very first playthrough of the game this week, but he also took a long pit stop to play nothing but Smash Bros. Is he enjoying Suikoden? And what exactly is Sexy Shulk Wars? Read and find out!

Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has finally arrived, but Ethos has already been playing it for three weeks. Therefore he wrote a review for anybody hoping to confirm their hype for the game. The only thing left to do is click and read.
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