Review: The Sims Medieval

This week old habits die hard, and Ginia simply cannot resist reviewing a new Sims game. Will The Sims Medieval be just another shallow home decor game, or is this installment really more than a re-skinned Sims game?

Review: Wild ARMs

This week Ginia takes a break from growing potatoes and murdering Sims to play and review the retro Playstation RPG Wild ARMs. How does it hold up after 14 years? Read the review to find out.

Review: Shadow Hearts

Another retro review from Ginia, this time of the 2001 RPG Shadow Hearts. How does it compare to Koudelka? Will it give you nightmares? Read the review to find out.

Review: Earthbound

A retro review of the SNES cult classic: Earthbound. Does it withstand the test of time? Is there even a test that can measure such a unique RPG? Find out here.

Review: The Tiny Bang Story

 What ho, readers! May the blessings of the Bright Potato and his Buttery Disciples be with you this and every day. I am back and ready to assail you with more stimulating discussion about potatoes, The Sims, and Harvest Moon. Huzzah! We shall begin our writer/reader relationship anew today w…

Editorial: Games kinda suck, but gamers are kinda awesome?

Herp derp, my Lusi-sprites.

I am a firm believer in the idea that if you truly wish to do something, you can find the time, no matter how busy your life is. I had a professor who managed to be a mother to three teenage children and elementary school principal by day, part-time university professor by night, and …

Editorial: Style vs Substance

Greetings from Planet Potato.

In case you were not aware, our tyranical overlord Coops has decreed that the Summer of XI will have nothing to do with lousy, unpopular or outdated MMOs. For this we thank the Great Potato. The summer playthrough is currently set to be Suikoden 1. For this we thank the Great Pot…

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