Editorial: Fixing the Review System

By Gyme
Although if the game did not have so many goddamned bugs, things may have been different.

Getting good reviews for a new game is more important than ever for developers & publishers alike. Despite this added pressure, the review system for many websites is broken. This week Gyme looks at what is broken & how to potentially fix the system.

Editorial: Reap Souls, Get Loot

By Gyme
A pretty good chance, actually, because Malthael is a fucking bad ass.

Diablo III was a hugely anticipated game that failed to live up to the expectations of many fans. Are a new expansion and patch enough to correct the sins of the original game? Or do they just add to the pile of disappointment known as Diablo III?

Review: South Park: The Stick of Truth

By Gyme
South Park: The Stick of Truth NA PC Box Art

South Park: The Stick of Truth is the sixth game to use the South Park license. Is the magic touch of series co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker the ingredient that has been missing from previous games? Or is a good South Park game just a pipe dream?

Editorial: A Wonderful Mess

By Gyme
Wonderful 101 Trailer Screenshot 1

While waiting for South Park: The Stick of Truth to release, Gyme decided to take a chance and play The Wonderful 101. With an assortment of bland foods at his side, Gyme dove into the Pikmin/Superhero mash-up to see if it was any good.

Editorial: The High Price of an Apology

By Gyme
Chris Privitere Logic: Psychonauts was good, therefore Tim Schafer can do no wrong.

The main mission for Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes clocks in at a scant ninety minutes, yet Konami seems to be avoiding nearly all criticism for their thirty dollar demo. This week Gyme looks at why gamers feel the need to defend their beloved companies.

Editorial: Microsoft’s Growing Xboner

By Gyme
PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

We are only two months into the current generation and Sony has begun to build a lead. The Xbone has quite a few problems with it, but can Microsoft right the ship to reclaim North America and Europe or will Sony’s domination extend across all markets?

Editorial: Advertising Lows

By Gyme
Do not say anything negative about the console or we will fucking terminate you(r agreement)!

EA and Machinima were caught red-handed this week when some interesting advertising agreements were leaked. Although they were quick to try and dispel the shadiness the question remains as to what depths will they sink to sell shitty products?

Editorial: Adios Japan?

By Gyme
Homeless Japanese Man

Japan’s influence on gaming has all but disappeared over recent years. Will this be the generation that Japan takes a step back to prominence? Or are we nearing a future with Sony being the lone Japanese developer not focusing on smartphone apps?