Destiny 2 EU PS4 Box Art

Review: Destiny 2

Woland wades into the sun-blasted ruins of Mercury, through time-gates and simulations, in his quest to find the perfect words which will encapsulate the Destiny 2 experience. But whether the experience is an enjoyable one is another matter entirely.

Editorial: A Tale of Two Games

'The Witcher 2' and 'Dragon Age II' are being unfairly pitted against each other in the arena of video game review comments--ever a bastion of objectivity and good sportsmanship. This is ultimately unfair to each game.

Editorial: Who Is Responsible for the PSN Outage?

I am nothing if not magnanimous. For those of my readers that live under rocks, or deep inside Mom’s Basement surrounded by love pillows and the entirely abhorrent Atlus-driven marketing campaign for sex robot murder masturbation simulator Catherine, Sony is in a bit of a pickle.

A few weeks ago, S…

Book Review: The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie

Apologies, dear readers, but I have been quite ill this week and have not played a game nor kept up with the gaming news. I honestly do not have much interesting to talk about on the gaming front.

So instead, my constant readers are getting a special treat, a somewhat literary review of a book in the fantasy gen…

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