Editorial: Gettin’ Ill With Lane

Lane is experiencing writing fatigue and wishes nothing more than a hot shower followed by a long sleep, drifting quietly off to oblivion, so he barely has time to put together a short little blurb for your reading pleasure.

Editorial: Cooperative Communication

Author’s note: I heartily apologize for the bad formatting and dead links. The hotel that I stayed at charged an exorbitant rate for Internet access and would not accept a debit card as payment. As I only carry a debit card with me, this presented a somewhat novel problem. St. Lusipurr was kind enough

Editorial: FABLE WEEK — Lane’s Fable III Review

The game sucks moose antler. Do not buy it.

The Canadian Moose’s Union Local #367 just called to tell me they were offended by the thought that I would foist a Molyneaux-perpetrated antler sucking on them. They have fairly powerful counsel, so I am caving to their moose-mands.

The review is hereby ch…

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