Editorial: Gamers, Games, and The Game

Game writers have put gamers in the spotlight as potential players of "the Game," a method of manipulation and subterfuge meant to provide people with easy answers to the often-messy world of romantic relationships. Gamers, however, should realize the purveyors of "the Game" are no different than the pushers of cheats, exploits and hacks: callous profiteers that have no respect for either players or the game itself.

Lane Haygood, Esq.

Hello world.

My name, as you might so craftily surmise from the byline, is Lane.

I am always at a loss for how to explain myself, at least not without going to lengths that would cause Proust envy. I doubt I have Proust’s hand at prose; doubtless you would skip over this to something more interesting, su…

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