Editorial: Camera Control

By Mel

Mel examines that oft overlooked tool: the camera. In every game, especially since the move to three dimensions, the camera must be carefully considered by the developer to fit the game. Mel looks at which technique works for which game-type and why.

Editorial: Nintendo Crossing Over

By Mel
It didn

Mel discusses Nintendo, again, this time about their initiatives with IP crossovers. Nintendo was once much more wary of the practice, but has since opened up a lot to the idea. Read on for the finer details and more Mel-musings!

Editorial: What Nintendo Will Not Do

By Mel
Nintendo hardware may become a thing of the past, at this rate.

Everyone needs some basic “dos” and “don’ts”, and this week Mel outlines a few of the “don’ts” Nintendo tends to follow. The company is famously conservative, but they are amidst a great sea change. Find out what things may or may not change!

Editorial: On Metroid’s Past and Future

By Mel
Grow up.

Mel has got Metroid on the brain this week as he looks briefly back at where the series has been and where it appears to be going. With spin-offs in the pipeline, can things look bright for the series? And what has been the holdup thus far? Read on!

Editorial: Nintendo Director

By Mel
He would even eschew an E3 press conference in favor of this format.

This week, Mel looks back at the works of former company president and CEO Satoru Iwata. Mel recounts the achievements of a beloved games personality lost to the company and to the world much too soon.

Editorial: Want Not

By Mel
Just not mine.

With all of these great games getting announced out of E3, Mel realized that they do not all appeal to him. Instead of being upset or worried by this, he makes the case for why the industry should embrace the fact that not every game is for everyone.