Review: Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

By Tsubaki
This is why you do not take drugs before visiting Six Flags.

Apparently before he made millions of Kickstarter bucks for his Mighty No. 9 project, Keiji Inafune opened a video game theme park and was subsequently held hostage and rescued by his niece. TsubakiSamurai embarks on an otome odyssey to uncover the truth.

Editorial: Earthbound Starmen

By Tsubaki
...and was worth every penny of the $120 I spent on the cartridge in 2012

Nintendo recently made the decision to price gouge anyone interested in Earthbound on the Wii U virtual console. Tsubakisamurai takes a look at the strained relationship between Earthbound fans and Nintendo, and some of the awesome content it produced.

Review: Dragon’s Crown

By Tsubaki
Not to be confused with Dragon

Vanillaware is back with another lustrous hand drawn action RPG entitled Dragon’s Crown. TsubakiSamurai takes the plunge into the games formidable dungeons, and manages to survive to tell the tale.

Review: Tales of Xillia

By Tsubaki
A cosplayers dream come true.

Namco Bandai have recently opened the floodgates for Tales games in the West. Does the latest entry do anything to garner a broader western audience, or does it simply cater to its established fan base?