Editorial: Hardcore or Casual

By Vortex

I was going to review Suikoden Tierkreis this week; however, I have only spent around ten hours in the game. I do not feel that ten hours is enough to review a game that is more than sixty hours. Instead, I want to talk about the use of the terms ‘hardcore’ and ‘casual’ in the […]

Editorial: Five Scary Games

By Vortex
Two characters who know the meaning of fear.

Horror and scares in video games are very subjective to the person playing them. In this editorial, I want to talk about what I consider to be the five scariest games ever made. In fifth place we have the original Resident Evil on the PlayStation.  Who can forget the first time the zombie dog jumps […]

Editorial: Used Games

By Vortex

Used games are set to make GameStop $2 billion in the fiscal year 2009. Most game developers and publishers would like to see the end of the used game market. They say that they do not see any money from used game sales. This is of course true, but only to a certain extent. How […]

Review: Resident Evil 5

By Vortex

Resident Evil is a game which almost introduced the survival-horror concept to the untold masses during the original Playstation era. The series introduced gamers everywhere to the concept of limited ammo and a blood curdling B-movie-style story. Resident Evil helped to define a generation of games. Titles such as Silent Hill and Dead Space owe […]

Editorial: Super Metroid

By Vortex

Classic: gamers throw this word around far too often. I want to spend the next few weeks talking about what I consider to be classic games. Many of the games written about will be old, however I want to pose the following question: does a game have to be old to be considered a classic? […]

Wanted: Reader Input on Nintendo Wii

By Vortex

Lusipurr.com would like to hear opinions from our readers on all things related to the Nintendo Wii. Do you think the console is the best thing to happen to gaming, or do you feel as though Nintendo has begun an industry trend of turning out vast heaps of shovel-ware? We want to hear from you […]

Editorial: Killzone 2

By Vortex
The Helgast, looking very much like Nazis!

In times gone past one could look towards the PC for first-person shooters. How times have changed. While it is possible to debate that the genre is still best played on the PC, a large number of impressive titles have come the way of the consoles in the last decade or so. While not wanting […]

Editorial: Street Fighter IV

By Vortex
Ryu about to unleash an ultra.

To think that it was some fifteen years ago that I first started playing Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the newly released Super Nintendo console!  It would be some time before I found a fighter that could keep my attention like that game. It might not be such a shock to find that the game […]

Lee “Vortex566” Gordon

By Vortex

Question: what am I? Lee Gordon is who I am. And what I am? Well, that can be open to much debate. Welcome to my first post on Megaphones ahoy. You will be able to find my writing/rambling thoughts here. I enjoy games hence why I am writing here. Twenty-Four years on this blue planet […]