Music: A Wizard Has Died

The Legendary Zoltan says goodbye to with a heart-felt speech and an equally heart-felt piece of original game music. Will Zoltan's final work solidify his 'legendary' status or will he have to change his name to "The Ordinary Zoltan"?

Music: My Friends May All Be Dead

The Legendary Zoltan takes us back to the Final Fantasy VI play-through. This was the first music track ever submitted to Since then, technology has progressed and new consoles have been announced. Will Zoltan's track stand the test of time?

Music: Take Us Away

Tasked with producing something 'light', 'pleasant', and 'beach-appropriate', The Legendary Zoltan has to dig deep. The locomotional result is a smooth, lounge jazz track written in collaboration with Selphie Tilmitt, and sung by some guy on the internet.