Trevor ‘Adeki’ McKenzie

Staff Reviewer


Trevor 'Adeki' McKenzie

Nickname: Adeki

Birthday: 26 March

Job Class: Thief

Favorite Game: Chibi-Robo!

Favorite Genre: Adventure game

First System: Game Boy Advance

Current Systems: GameCube, Mac OS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation 2, Wii, Wii U, Xbox

Twitter: AgitatedAdeki

Gaming Contacts
Nintendo Network: Shadow4699
Nintendo Switch: 5023-1730-6926
PlayStation Network: Shadow4699
Steam: AgitatedAdeki

Hi! After a long time of being friends (don’t tell Boss I used that word) with Lusipurr, I am finally working on his website where I belong. What started off as being a simple fan of RPGamer and its podcast has now delved into my soul being sold away to a corporation that makes wonderful products such as Zap!™ and Zestria™.

I got into video games when I was in Kindergarten when I played a medley of educational video games which always had the ability to grab my attention while also teaching me about topics which I have almost all forgotten. The first actual video game I owned and I believe played was Sonic Advance 2 for the Game Boy Advance. When my Dad bought me that game he had started me on a destructive path that led to nothing but what can only be described as an addiction. I try to remember this fact in case I do end up in a rehabilitation center and those in charge ask me how it happened.

Now, I’m just a simple Nintendo fan who cherishes his collection of video games as if they were a pet. The upside of which is that I don’t have to necessarily feed the collection, but this also means it can never return the love I share with it, as they are all inanimate. In a time where arguments over video games are growing larger and larger in audience, I am more than proud to share my opinion with the world, whether people care or not.