President & Editor-in-Chief



Nickname: Caspius

Country: The United States of America 🇺🇸

Birthday: 21 October 1066

Job Class: Scholar

Favourite Game: Final Fantasy VII

Favourite Soundtrack: Final Fantasy VII

Favourite Character: Adelbert Steiner

Favourite Genre: Japanese Role-playing Game

First System: Pong Console

Current Systems: New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii

Twitter: Caspivs

Hello! My name is Caspius, and because you are visiting this website, chances are that you already know something about me. For instance, you may be aware that I was the Head of Interaction at RPGamer, where I also hosted the Q&A column, wrote editorials and reviews, and was a frequent panelist on their podcast, RPGcast; and you may be aware that I have worked at several other major RPG-centered websites as well. When this website was created and forced into my hands back in 2009, my intention was to represent something which more or less conforms to my idea of a dependable source of information. Over time, it has been combined with a strong streak of absurdism, and the site is now manned by staff whose intentions are entirely anthetical to my own. I hate them, and I yearn for the day when I can replace them with dependable robots. Unfortunately, as has been shown, we do not yet have the technology to make that dream a reality.

At this site, I host and produce The Starlight Megaphone, the official podcast of The Day Tonight. And, as President and Editor-in-Chief, I also manage both the day-to-day affairs, and the long-term goals, of The Day Tonight. When I am not hard at work keeping things afloat, I enjoy watching Test Cricket, attending the Opera, and playing the piano–hearkening back to my former career as a piano teacher and as an organist for my Archdiocese. Academically, I have degrees in History and in English; my Ph.D. is in English Literary and Cultural Studies.

We have worked hard to make The Day Tonight the best site on the internet to get news on the video game industry in an entertaining way. And, we believe our discussion-centered style of reporting cannot be surpassed. We hope you agree! So, allow me to welcome you to The Day Tonight.

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