Anime: Autumn 2017, Weeks 5 and 6

By Durga
Dies Irae SLIDER

Join Durga as he explores the fifth week of the Autumn anime season! As the halfway point of the season quickly approaches, and with one series already dust in the wind, read on to see if any show has made its mark yet!

Anime: Autumn 2017, Week 4

By Durga
Black Clover SLIDER

Join Durga as he covered the fourth week of the Autumn 2017 season for anime! Is it good? Is it bad? Only one way to find out! Special weekend posts continue through this and next week so be sure to tune in!

Anime: Autumn 2017 Season, Week 1

By Durga
Ancient Magus Bride SLIDER

The Autumn anime season has arrived and with it the first in the series of reviews. Durga dives into four new anime series, all of which seem to involve magic. Nazis, fairies, mages, grimoires, and vampires, what will the season hold?

Anime: Summer 2017 Week 6

By Durga
Saiyuki SLIDER 2

Another week, another totally on time post from Durga. Dig deep into the breach of a slightly shorter post this week as the schedule change means slimming down for the week to catch up.

Anime: Summer 2017 Week 1, 2, and 3

By Durga
Saiyuki SLIDER

The Summer season is upon us, and as such the weekly review series returns! Unfortunately for Durga, this season is a couple weeks in already. That means a very long post and a lot of anime to watch! Will Durga manage to review everything coherently?