Dark Souls SLIDER

Editorial: Dark Souls Unlimited

Adeki returns after his week of vacation to write a work imbued with a sense of momentum and a subtle whisper of gravitas. A man sits alone and ponders to himself, "is every game Dark Souls?" The answer to that haunting question, will be found here.
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Editorial: Create and Play Games

Adeki did not have time to create an excerpt for this editorial so instead he is entrusting the readers to use his personal dictionary to craft their own excerpt. He is too busy playing games that let you create other games from within. Read on!
Skies of Arcadia SLIDER

Editorial: Airborne Adventures

Adeki takes a ride on the Lusipurr.com funded Reetin-mobile and goes up into the skies in desperate search of electricity to power his internet connection. While airborne, Adeki found three games that take place above ground. Read on to learn more!
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Editorial: Video Game Vacations

Adeki takes the edge off by replacing his regularly scheduled post with a different post all about vacation spots anybody would be lucky to visit. Will Adeki be eating a cheeseburger in paradise, or will he forever be trapped in the staff offices? Read on
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Editorial: Forgotten Failures

No, this post is not dedicated to nearly every single thing Adeki has crafted in his entire life. Instead, it is about video game failures that have been washed away by the seas of time. Are these failures even worth remembering? Read on to find out!
Resident Evil 4 SLIDER

Editorial: Difficult Difficulty Decisions

Adeki delves deep into difficulty settings in video games and how varied they can truly be. Will this editorial be a walk in the park for the illiterate idiot? Or will it be an agitating adventure Adeki is not yet ready to face? Read on to find out more!
Shovel Knight SLIDER

Editorial: Modern-Retro Indie Games

As part of Adeki's campaign for the presidency, he began to ask for what the readers of Lusipurr.com and delivered while simultaneously dodging questions about past decisions to liquify senators for profit. The people demand modern-retro indies! Read on!
Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy SLIDER

Editorial: Retro Revivals

Adeki searches deep within the temporal cave in order to find different examples of retro revivals in the year 2017 and how they were recieved by critics and fans alike? Is the future in the past or are people just running out of ideas? Read on!
Super Smash Bros. Amiibo SLIDER

Editorial: Video Game Merchandise

Do you love video games? Do you own every version of your favorite game, and can not get enough? Perhaps some lovely merchandise will help to fill the void that surely exists in your life. Let us explore this vital topic this week, and say goodbye.
The Stanley Parable Office SLIDER

Editorial: Rewarding Inactivity

Adeki lies about, he sleeps for a few hours, and sometimes he just writhes on his bed listening to DeBarge. But Adeki ponders to himself, "what if video games rewarded me not playing them?" The search begins for games that reward inactivity, so read on!
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse SLIDER

Editorial: Favorite Game Factors

What makes a game someone's favorite game? Is it the story, the visuals, the soundtrack, the fully-realized product in its entirety? Or maybe it has something to do with the copious amount of catgirls. Adeki searches for the reasons, read on to find out!
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