Editorial: Beautiful Okami

I have an inherent love for beautiful games. So, it shouldn’t surprise you when I say that Okami is quick becoming one of the most beautiful and inspiring games I have ever played. I only wish I had played it sooner.

That said one of the first things that struck me about this game was its simplicity. After many h…

Editorial: Gaming on the Go: PSP or DS?

These days, I do the majority of my gaming on the go. Whether I am sitting around waiting for my next class to start or wasting time while my Grandfather watches the news, my handheld systems are a constant companion. Enter the DS and PSP. I have always been torn between the two systems. What if something shoul…

Editorial: The Little Songs That Could

2009 for gaming is a bit of a mystery so far.
Will we find out about Team ICO’s next project? We’re promised to NOT get ready for Final Fantasy XIII this year. Nintendo is even more quiet than usual which makes me both excited and nervous for their E3 presentation.
So while I catch up on all the 360 g…

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